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007Seven Springs
2016 TrailHopewell Park
881 ft-13 ft
2016 TrailHopewell Park
1,594 ft-44 ft
2016 TrailHopewell Park
296 ft
2016 TrailHopewell Park
783 ft-8 ft
2016 TrailHopewell Park
1,790 ft-23 ft
276Frick Park
1.1 miles-202 ft
5 TreeMoon Lake Park
4,975 ft-127 ft
5858Moon Lake Park
1.4 miles-255 ft
6 Penny DownhillFrench Creek
1.1 miles-347 ft
6 penny to group camp (nemesis)French Creek
1,193 ft-126 ft
7mphWissahickon Valley Park
1,673 ft
8 TrailMoon Lake Park
1.4 miles-235 ft
A-Frame to Main VainBrady's Run Park
2,142 ft-221 ft
A-LineMt. Penn
3,550 ft-354 ft
Abington TrailLackawanna State Park
2.6 miles-496 ft
Acorn HillRiverview Park
594 ft-69 ft
Activities TrailJ. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
2,498 ft-106 ft
After FiveDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
1.6 miles-402 ft
Airport ClimbHillman State Park
3,221 ft-52 ft
Airport ConnectorHillman State Park
1.8 miles-386 ft
Airport LoopHillman State Park
1.5 miles-275 ft
Airport OverlookSouth Park
1,868 ft-200 ft
Alice in WonderlandSouth Park
2,395 ft-157 ft
AlleghenyRaystown Lake
3.9 miles-632 ft
Allegheny Front Trail - NorthBlack Moshannon State Park
1.9 miles-339 ft
Allegheny Front Trail - SouthBlack Moshannon State Park
2.6 miles-314 ft
AllieRaystown Lake
4,210 ft-117 ft
Along the Golf CourseWissahickon Valley Park
1.6 miles-293 ft
Along the RiverRandolph Woods
485 ft-7 ft
Alt to MeadowsWissahickon Valley Park
5,153 ft-254 ft
AlternateFrick Park
586 ft-33 ft
Alternate TrailHarmony Hill
3,070 ft-16 ft
Angry BobHarmony Hill
2,378 ft-170 ft
Appaloosa SpurRaccoon Creek State Park
3,465 ft-98 ft
Appaloosa TrailRaccoon Creek State Park
2.0 miles-527 ft
Aquaduct to Livezey LnWissahickon Valley Park
2,319 ft-90 ft
Arboretum LoopBrady's Run Park
2,527 ft-80 ft
Baby Doll HeadHighland Park
1,813 ft-13 ft
BackdoorGovernor Dick
3,598 ft-79 ft
Backyard TrailFrick Park
1,923 ft-86 ft
Bailout TrailGalbraith Gap
848 ft-54 ft
Bake Oven TrailRB Winter State Park
1.6 miles-42 ft
Bald Knob Ridge TrailGalbraith Gap
5,185 ft-136 ft
Bald Knob Ridge TrailGalbraith Gap
1.3 miles-266 ft
Ball Buster to A-FrameBrady's Run Park
4,776 ft-124 ft
Banana SplitHopewell Park
974 ft-15 ft
Barrel BayRaystown Lake
2.4 miles-518 ft
BartJ. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
1,037 ft-2 ft
Bassett PathLackawanna State Park
3,025 ft-172 ft
Bastard ClimbBrady's Run Park
2,508 ft-20 ft
BattleshipSeven Springs
Bavington Time Trial Section 1Hillman State Park
1,887 ft-63 ft
Bavington Time Trial Section 2Hillman State Park
2.6 miles-375 ft
Bavington Time Trial Section 4Hillman State Park
1.4 miles-221 ft
Beacom Rd S trail to Service Rd CutoffBrady's Run Park
2.3 miles-578 ft
Beam Run TrailLaurel Mountain
3,803 ft-101 ft
Bear GapRB Winter State Park
1.2 miles
Bear Gap TrailCoopers Gap
1,882 ft-217 ft
Bear PawLackawanna State Park
2,265 ft-172 ft
Bear Wallow TrailPromised Land State Park
1.5 miles-121 ft
Beautiful TrailCoopers Gap
4,781 ft-46 ft
Beer Tap LoopGalbraith Gap
3,757 ft-61 ft
Beidler TrailGalbraith Gap
1.2 miles-606 ft
Bench TrailFrick Park
1,979 ft-152 ft
Berry PatchRaystown Lake
1.5 miles-149 ft
Beyond TrailFrick Park
3,556 ft-64 ft
Biddle TrailFrick Park
1,658 ft-74 ft
Big BlueMoon Lake Park
4,410 ft-83 ft
Big Pine / Gameland ConnectorJ. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
365 ft
Big RockJ. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
1,846 ft-86 ft
Big TimberJ. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
2,210 ft-113 ft
Big TimberJ. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
1.1 miles-7 ft
Bigelow TrailCoopers Gap
3,280 ft-12 ft
Bill Albert's (West)Laurel Mountain
2,611 ft-106 ft
Bill Albert's, CentralLaurel Mountain
1,492 ft
Bill Albert's, EastLaurel Mountain
1,402 ft
Bison Loop TrailBuffalo Road Trails
1.8 miles-225 ft
Black Bear
1.9 miles-79 ft
Black BearLaurel Mountain
Black BearGeisinger Stewardship Forest and Trails
3.7 miles-916 ft
Black Bear, NorthLaurel Mountain
3,802 ft-70 ft
Black Bear, SouthLaurel Mountain
3,382 ft-21 ft
Black Bear, WestLaurel Mountain
1,459 ft-28 ft
Black Gap TrailRB Winter State Park
3.0 miles-478 ft
Black Gum TrailGalbraith Gap
583 ft-11 ft
Black Hawk TrailYellow Creek
4,326 ft-162 ft
BladeMerli-Sarnoski Park
1.1 miles-126 ft
Blue - White TrailGalbraith Gap
1,860 ft-7 ft
Blue BlazeBoyce Park
1.5 miles-131 ft
Blue Blaze Red DotBoyce Park
1.5 miles-225 ft
Blue Blaze Yellow DotBoyce Park
1.1 miles-53 ft
Blue LoopSettlers Cabin Park
1.7 miles-78 ft
Blue Loop 1 (Meadowsweet Preserve)Lackawanna State Park
1,952 ft-118 ft
Blue Loop 2 (Meadowsweet Preserve)Lackawanna State Park
2,983 ft-49 ft
Blue TrailHarmony Hill
2,588 ft-42 ft
Blue TrailSalisbury
2.5 miles-393 ft
Blue Trail - NorthHarmony Hill
2,040 ft-124 ft
Blue Trail - SouthHarmony Hill
2,324 ft-65 ft
Blueberry TrailPrompton State Park
1.3 miles-134 ft
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