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100 altPhoenix Mountains Preserve
636 ft-30 ft
100 connectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,369 ft-32 ft
100A Lower LoopPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1.2 miles-44 ft
100BPhoenix Mountains Preserve
5,193 ft-243 ft
1a CutPhoenix Mountains Preserve
401 ft-16 ft
1a To 304 ConnPhoenix Mountains Preserve
707 ft-24 ft
220 ConnPhoenix Mountains Preserve
268 ft-9 ft
220 ConnPhoenix Mountains Preserve
450 ft-5 ft
220 ConnPhoenix Mountains Preserve
96 ft-3 ft
304/8 ConnectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,412 ft-55 ft
32Phoenix Mountains Preserve
2,883 ft-78 ft
32 St AccSouth Mountain
1,948 ft-51 ft
32nd StreetSouth Mountain
4,234 ft-647 ft
40th St ExpressPhoenix Mountains Preserve
3,114 ft-5 ft
8 to T100 ConnectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,791 ft-28 ft
A&W washPhoenix Mountains Preserve
4,546 ft-160 ft
AltaSouth Mountain
4.5 miles-1,958 ft
Apache VistaPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2,620 ft-36 ft
Apache Wash LoopPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
6.1 miles-280 ft
Badger BrawlPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
3.3 miles-63 ft
Bajada (South Mountain)Phoenix
3.5 miles-421 ft
Bajada AccSouth Mountain
210 ft-9 ft
Basalt (Connect)Deem Hills
491 ft-6 ft
Basalt (West)Deem Hills
2,397 ft-6 ft
Basalt-PalisadeDeem Hills
541 ft-53 ft
Beverly CanyonSouth Mountain
1.8 miles-230 ft
Birthday HillPhoenix Mountains Preserve
2,936 ft-175 ft
Black Canyon TrailPhoenix
8.1 miles-1,116 ft
BobcatPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
1.0 miles-100 ft
Box Canyon LoopSouth Mountain
1.3 miles-31 ft
Bronco FlatsSouth Mountain
1.3 miles-43 ft
Bronco Flats AccSouth Mountain
3,071 ft-56 ft
BurseraSouth Mountain
2.8 miles-1,081 ft
Cactus WrenPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
1.4 miles-78 ft
Charles M. Christiansen (100)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
9.9 miles-1,295 ft
Christiansen (100)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
1,570 ft-1 ft
Chunky MonkeyPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1.8 miles-261 ft
CircumferenceDeem Hills
5.7 miles-908 ft
Circumference AccNorth Phoenix
478 ft
Cliff WalkPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2.8 miles-297 ft
CMC (100)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
3,230 ft-61 ft
CMC (100/306)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
1,599 ft
CMC 100 AccessPhoenix Mountains Preserve
858 ft-21 ft
CMC 100 AltPhoenix Mountains Preserve
357 ft-4 ft
CMC 100 ConnectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,005 ft
ConnectorPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2,854 ft-15 ft
ConnectorPhoenix Mountains Preserve
119 ft
ConnectorPhoenix Mountains Preserve
472 ft-10 ft
ConnectorPhoenix Mountains Preserve
840 ft-36 ft
Corona ConnSouth Mountain
1,756 ft-3 ft
Corona De LomaSouth Mountain
2.1 miles-1,080 ft
Dc Ray ConnSouth Mountain
1.7 miles-340 ft
Dd 23nd Street AccPhoenix Mountains Preserve
320 ft
DD WashPhoenix Mountains Preserve
2,449 ft-10 ft
Deem Hills ParkwayNorth Phoenix
1.5 miles-96 ft
Deem Hills Pkwy AccNorth Phoenix
117 ft
Deem Hills Pkwy AccNorth Phoenix
60 ft-4 ft
Degoba LoopSouth Mountain
4,058 ft-75 ft
Deser TortoisePhoenix Sonoran Preserve
1.1 miles-114 ft
Desert ClassicPhoenix
8.6 miles-807 ft
Dixie Mine TrailPhoenix
4.9 miles-458 ft
Dixie Mountain LoopPhoenix
3.8 miles-582 ft
Dixie Mtn LoopPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
3.8 miles-658 ft
Dixie SummitPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
1,255 ft-17 ft
Dog EarPhoenix Mountains Preserve
3,294 ft-213 ft
Dove Valley rd accPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
1,059 ft-10 ft
Dreamy DrawPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,163 ft-23 ft
Dreamy Draw (220)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
4,360 ft-98 ft
Dreamy Draw (Connect)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
2,480 ft-212 ft
Dreamy Draw (N)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
3,348 ft-36 ft
Dreamy Draw (NE)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
1,839 ft-57 ft
Dreamy Draw (NW)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
1,245 ft-10 ft
Dreamy Draw AccPhoenix Mountains Preserve
3,670 ft-64 ft
Dreamy Draw AccPhoenix Mountains Preserve
127 ft-6 ft
Dreamy Draw AccPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,175 ft
East Fork Cave Creek Wash AccPhoenix Mountains Preserve
611 ft
Eliminator IISouth Mountain
1.2 miles-1,059 ft
Entrance TrailSouth Mountain
3,310 ft-68 ft
Esplanade TrailPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
3.3 miles-159 ft
Fence LinePhoenix Mountains Preserve
1.3 miles-124 ft
Freedom (302)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
4,782 ft-191 ft
Freedom (302/1a)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
1.2 miles-503 ft
Freedom Upper (302)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
2,854 ft-182 ft
GeronimoSouth Mountain
1.9 miles-1,058 ft
Geronimo TrailSouth Mountain
1.1 miles-585 ft
GilaSouth Mountain
2.1 miles-413 ft
Gila ConnectorSouth Mountain
4,580 ft-136 ft
Gila Trail ConnectorSouth Mountain
4,272 ft-125 ft
Gnarly washPhoenix Mountains Preserve
499 ft-1 ft
GoatSouth Mountain
1,796 ft-203 ft
Great Horned OwlPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
3.1 miles-544 ft
H-1 ConnNorth Phoenix
375 ft
Hairpin AlleyPhoenix Mountains Preserve
4,144 ft-36 ft
HawksnestPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2,099 ft
Hedgehog TrailPhoenix
4,777 ft-120 ft
HelipadSouth Mountain
4,422 ft-266 ft
Heritage RunPhoenix Mountains Preserve
2,572 ft-1 ft
Heritage/Zipper AccPhoenix Mountains Preserve
604 ft
Hidden Valley ConnectorSouth Mountain
1,316 ft-197 ft
Hidden Valley TrailSouth Mountain
2,570 ft-152 ft
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