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7 Mile/Wilson Bay Track (DOC)7 Mile Riding Area
4,562 ft-361 ft
Access from Eagles Nest to Kachoong, Grin and Holler and Gravitron7 Mile Riding Area
963 ft-11 ft
Angels Edge7 Mile Riding Area
462 ft-33 ft
Ant's TrackQueenstown Bike Park
1,436 ft-394 ft
ArmageddonQueenstown Bike Park
668 ft-155 ft
Arrowtown to Morven Ferry RdWakatipu Basin
5.0 miles-306 ft
B.o.B.7 Mile Riding Area
2,336 ft-35 ft
BattlestagQueenstown Bike Park
738 ft-148 ft
Beeched AsFernhill Trails
2.0 miles-842 ft
Ben's RunGibbston
3,473 ft-211 ft
Bliss7 Mile Riding Area
1,599 ft-208 ft
Bush CreekArrowtown Trails
3.4 miles-1,658 ft
Cloudburst7 Mile Riding Area
977 ft-123 ft
Cool Runnings7 Mile Riding Area
3,128 ft-139 ft
Coronet DH/XCCoronet Peak
2.0 miles-296 ft
Devils CreekMoonlight/Moke Lake
7.8 miles-3,421 ft
DieselQueenstown Bike Park
208 ft-13 ft
Drop GardenQueenstown Bike Park
182 ft-88 ft
Easy UpGibbston
4,592 ft-48 ft
El Dorado7 Mile Riding Area
776 ft-68 ft
Fan TrailQueenstown Bike Park
1,792 ft-401 ft
Fernhill LoopFernhill Trails
4.1 miles-2,209 ft
Frankton to Old Shotover BridgeWakatipu Basin
3.6 miles-276 ft
FranktonTrackWakatipu Basin
4.5 miles-272 ft
Fruity7 Mile Riding Area
767 ft-20 ft
FundyQueenstown Bike Park
606 ft-255 ft
G.S.D.Queenstown Bike Park
1,785 ft-527 ft
Gibbston Valley WineryGibbston
1.3 miles-200 ft
Gold Digger7 Mile Riding Area
1.5 miles-734 ft
Gravitron7 Mile Riding Area
1,130 ft-83 ft
Grin and Holler7 Mile Riding Area
1,834 ft-43 ft
Grin and Holler II7 Mile Riding Area
2,390 ft-214 ft
GrundyQueenstown Bike Park
1,849 ft-487 ft
Hammy's LinkQueenstown Bike Park
899 ft-54 ft
HobbitQueenstown Bike Park
1,142 ft-418 ft
1.6 miles-738 ft
3,189 ft-47 ft
Huck Yeah!Queenstown Bike Park
1,085 ft-173 ft
IB557 Mile Riding Area
826 ft-118 ft
Jack's Point TrailWakatipu Basin
7.3 miles-1,610 ft
Jardines Bush LoopWakatipu Basin
3,878 ft-91 ft
Jardines Pine LoopWakatipu Basin
2,992 ft-63 ft
Jeremy’sQueenstown Bike Park
572 ft-184 ft
Jungle AdventureQueenstown Bike Park
424 ft-142 ft
Kachoong7 Mile Riding Area
1,931 ft-217 ft
Kelvin Heights TrailWakatipu Basin
4.2 miles-372 ft
Killer BeeQueenstown Bike Park
1,702 ft-458 ft
KYQueenstown Bike Park
390 ft-171 ft
Lake Hayes TrackWakatipu Basin
4.9 miles-565 ft
Lazy VertigoQueenstown Bike Park
1,361 ft-190 ft
Loop 77 Mile Riding Area
2,504 ft-192 ft
Loop 7 Access7 Mile Riding Area
336 ft-13 ft
Loop 7 Link7 Mile Riding Area
313 ft
Lower Hammy's TrackQueenstown Bike Park
1.9 miles-817 ft
MacetownArrowtown Trails
8.7 miles-2,316 ft
Metolius7 Mile Riding Area
1,144 ft-119 ft
Midget7 Mile Riding Area
541 ft-111 ft
Moke Lake to Lake DisputeMoonlight/Moke Lake
5.6 miles-1,200 ft
Moonlight SingletrackMoonlight/Moke Lake
2.6 miles-1,349 ft
Morven Ferr Rd to GibstonWakatipu Basin
4.1 miles-1,133 ft
Mulberry St7 Mile Riding Area
997 ft-168 ft
Murphy's RunArrowtown Trails
4,445 ft-638 ft
Old OriginalQueenstown Bike Park
939 ft-216 ft
Old Shotover Bridge to ArrowtownWakatipu Basin
7.5 miles-952 ft
Old Shotover Bridge to Morven Ferry RdWakatipu Basin
7.2 miles-1,228 ft
OriginalQueenstown Bike Park
3,282 ft-666 ft
Pack track and SackSkippers
4,726 ft-651 ft
Phoenix7 Mile Riding Area
1.1 miles-373 ft
Pylon DownGibbston
4,167 ft-380 ft
Rock GardenQueenstown Bike Park
546 ft-113 ft
Rude RockCoronet Peak
1.8 miles-1,246 ft
Salmon RunFernhill Trails
1.6 miles-1,895 ft
Satans Corridor7 Mile Riding Area
1,031 ft-153 ft
Sefferstown (Moonlight 4WD)Moonlight/Moke Lake
6.0 miles-1,894 ft
Single Track SandwichQueenstown Bike Park
1,896 ft-426 ft
Skippers Pack TrackSkippers
1.7 miles-907 ft
Slip SaddleCoronet Peak
1.0 miles-1,740 ft
Slippery NinjaQueenstown Bike Park
1,843 ft-445 ft
Stoney CreekRemarkables
4,358 ft-645 ft
Te Hub Access7 Mile Riding Area
704 ft-9 ft
ThingymajigQueenstown Bike Park
2,591 ft-508 ft
Thunder GoatQueenstown Bike Park
1.2 miles-863 ft
Toll GateRemarkables
4,592 ft-621 ft
Tree 1Gibbston
2,528 ft-9 ft
Upper Hammy's TrackQueenstown Bike Park
1.4 miles-487 ft
VertigoQueenstown Bike Park
3,723 ft-618 ft
What's Up?7 Mile Riding Area
1.0 miles-44 ft
World CupQueenstown Bike Park
1,004 ft-342 ft
Wriggly Rooty7 Mile Riding Area
529 ft-100 ft
Wynyard DHFernhill Trails
4,320 ft-723 ft
1.1 miles-297 ft
Zoot TrackCoronet Peak
3,447 ft-580 ft
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