Copper Creek Raceway Connector
608 ft-15 ft
Copper Creek Raceway East
1,094 ft-16 ft
Copper Creek Raceway West
2,255 ft-52 ft
Copper Creek to Water Tower Connector
2,601 ft-4 ft
Drop Down (NASCAR)
3,341 ft-410 ft
Firestation Loop
1.3 miles-146 ft
Franks to Bowling Alley
1.6 miles-519 ft
Horned Lizard
1.6 miles-577 ft
Lizard Connector
1,255 ft-75 ft
Lizard Shortcut
658 ft-83 ft
Lower Old Rancho Sante Fe Connector
1,329 ft-45 ft
Make a Wish
4,868 ft-373 ft
N. Copper Creek
2,020 ft-5 ft
Rancho Summit Switches
1.3 miles-341 ft
RSF Tunnel Connector
775 ft-94 ft
S. Copper Creek
3,727 ft-173 ft
S. Copper Creek Connector
1,819 ft-25 ft
2.0 miles-626 ft
Switchbacks Connector
2,223 ft-40 ft
Whip Tail
1.7 miles-511 ft
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