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"N" TrailPeavine Mountain
2,459 ft-317 ft
Alum Creek TrailCaughlin Ranch
4,078 ft-333 ft
Alum Creek TrailCaughlin Ranch
1.5 miles-1,090 ft
B-LitePeavine Mountain
1.2 miles-210 ft
Bacon StripPeavine Mountain
2.1 miles-25 ft
Basque MonumentPeavine Mountain
1,485 ft-53 ft
Bitterbrush ConnectorMount Rose
2.7 miles-534 ft
Blue TruckCaughlin Ranch
4,963 ft-799 ft
BobsledPeavine Mountain
4,033 ft-379 ft
Brown's CreekMount Rose
3.2 miles-512 ft
Caughlin Ranch SingletrackCaughlin Ranch
2.6 miles-228 ft
Cold CanyonCaughlin Ranch
3,996 ft-11 ft
Colpo Canyon TrailPeavine Mountain
3,322 ft-306 ft
Connector 2Spanish Springs
1,752 ft-130 ft
Connector 3Spanish Springs
658 ft-1 ft
Cow CanyonVerdi
2.4 miles-1,434 ft
Cow Canyon / Hawk Meadow ConnectorVerdi
3,895 ft-2 ft
Crispy BaconPeavine Mountain
1.4 miles-41 ft
Dry Pond TrailMount Rose
2.1 miles-377 ft
East Bound and Down (unnamed connector)Peavine Mountain
1.8 miles-456 ft
Evans CanyonPeavine Mountain
1.7 miles-250 ft
Evans Creek TrailPeavine Mountain
2,152 ft-61 ft
Expert OptionSpanish Springs
1,940 ft-125 ft
FisticufsPeavine Mountain
3,703 ft-386 ft
Galena CreekMount Rose
2.4 miles-35 ft
Halo CutoffPeavine Mountain
1,413 ft-71 ft
Halo Trail (Snow Terrace to Kings Row)Peavine Mountain
5.6 miles-786 ft
Halo Trail (Total Recall to Snow Terrace)Peavine Mountain
2.7 miles-468 ft
Hoge-Evans ConnectorPeavine Mountain
3,072 ft-109 ft
JackrabbitSpanish Springs
5,187 ft-100 ft
Keystone CanyonPeavine Mountain
1.7 miles-19 ft
Keystone-UNR ConnectorPeavine Mountain
1,644 ft-11 ft
Kings Row Connector (West Keystone to Kings Row Portal)Peavine Mountain
3,142 ft-136 ft
Lingles LoopPeavine Mountain
3,343 ft-234 ft
Los Altos ConnectorSpanish Springs
1.3 miles-322 ft
Lower Cow CanyonVerdi
3,804 ft-2 ft
Lower Thomas Creek TrailMount Rose
2.5 miles-29 ft
Lower Whites Creek TrailMount Rose
3.5 miles-1,006 ft
Mahogany ForestPeavine Mountain
2.5 miles-450 ft
Miner's TrailPeavine Mountain
1.3 miles-185 ft
Over EasyPeavine Mountain
2,011 ft-120 ft
Pasture LoopPeavine Mountain
1.3 miles-123 ft
Poedunk ReturnPeavine Mountain
3,473 ft-219 ft
Poedunk TrailPeavine Mountain
2.1 miles-473 ft
Rancho Connector Trail (East Keystone to Middle Keystone)Peavine Mountain
4,187 ft-196 ft
Rancho Connector Trail (Evans Canyon to East Keystone)Peavine Mountain
1.4 miles-105 ft
Reno Vista TrailPeavine Mountain
1.2 miles-116 ft
2.1 miles-1,730 ft
Scrub BrushPeavine Mountain
2,980 ft-237 ft
Sky Tavern DHMount Rose
2,562 ft-236 ft
Sky Tavern SingletrackMount Rose
3.2 miles-715 ft
Snake RunPeavine Mountain
847 ft-93 ft
Snow TerracePeavine Mountain
2,675 ft-195 ft
Spanish Springs Singletrack LoopSpanish Springs
4.1 miles-645 ft
Stage CoachPeavine Mountain
1.8 miles-48 ft
Sufferfest DHMount Rose
5,102 ft-627 ft
Tabletop RunPeavine Mountain
840 ft-79 ft
The ZipperSpanish Springs
4,499 ft-483 ft
Thomas Creek TrailMount Rose
4.5 miles-264 ft
Three TreesPeavine Mountain
2,123 ft-73 ft
Total RecallPeavine Mountain
2.7 miles-1,008 ft
Total RecallPeavine Mountain
2,016 ft-12 ft
TPB: Quilici Ranch to FleishVerdi
3.0 miles-587 ft
UNR DHPeavine Mountain
1,511 ft-109 ft
UNR DH-Evans ConnectorPeavine Mountain
630 ft-39 ft
Upper "N" TrailPeavine Mountain
1,787 ft-208 ft
Upper EvansPeavine Mountain
1.1 miles-415 ft
Whites Creek TrailMount Rose
2.7 miles-124 ft
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