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4 GorgeCarvin's Cove
2.1 miles-158 ft
4 Gorge ExtensionCarvin's Cove
3,464 ft-80 ft
ArrowheadCarvin's Cove
1.5 miles-152 ft
Bennett Springs Loop - NorthCarvin's Cove
2,415 ft-34 ft
Bennett Springs Loop - SouthCarvin's Cove
1,760 ft-164 ft
Big Sunny TrailMill Mountain
3,793 ft-184 ft
BuckCarvin's Cove
1.4 miles-605 ft
Catawba Valley TrailRoanoke
13.3 miles-1,373 ft
ConnectorCarvin's Cove
278 ft-16 ft
ConnectorCarvin's Cove
416 ft-4 ft
Crystal SpringsMill Mountain
2,810 ft-25 ft
Deer TrailRoanoke
1.2 miles-1,100 ft
Dragon's BackRoanoke
9.0 miles-2,910 ft
Enchanted ForestCarvin's Cove
2,007 ft-115 ft
Ferrier TrailRoanoke
4.6 miles-1,324 ft
Grouse TrailRoanoke
1.7 miles-192 ft
Hemlock TunnelCarvin's Cove
1.9 miles-764 ft
Hi-Dee-HoCarvin's Cove
1.5 miles-13 ft
Horse PenCarvin's Cove
1,666 ft-72 ft
HotelCarvin's Cove
1.0 miles-228 ft
Kerncliff TrailCarvin's Cove
2.6 miles-868 ft
Lake TrailCarvin's Cove
3.6 miles-286 ft
Lick Branch TrailRoanoke
Little BellCarvin's Cove
1,500 ft-99 ft
Lower CometCarvin's Cove
3,857 ft-7 ft
MonumentMill Mountain
1.5 miles-458 ft
North MountainRoanoke
13.3 miles-3,941 ft
Price Mountain TrailRoanoke
4.6 miles-2,555 ft
Rattlin' RunCarvin's Cove
1.9 miles-466 ft
4.6 miles-45 ft
RidgelineMill Mountain
1.2 miles-116 ft
Riley's LoopCarvin's Cove
1,271 ft-106 ft
Riser TrailMill Mountain
1,638 ft-1 ft
SchoolhouseCarvin's Cove
1.5 miles-107 ft
SongbirdCarvin's Cove
1.8 miles-463 ft
Star/ Woods Thrush ConnectorMill Mountain
1,517 ft-4 ft
Suphlur Ridge TrailRoanoke
3.4 miles-816 ft
The GauntletCarvin's Cove
2.1 miles-1,024 ft
The TroughCarvin's Cove
1.1 miles-9 ft
Tuck-A-WayCarvin's Cove
1.2 miles-204 ft
TunnelCarvin's Cove
2,328 ft-45 ft
1.6 miles-39 ft
UnknownCarvin's Cove
2,659 ft-384 ft
UnknownCarvin's Cove
1.2 miles-787 ft
Upper CometCarvin's Cove
1.5 miles-381 ft
Virginia PineMill Mountain
2,434 ft-150 ft
Wood ThrushMill Mountain
1.6 miles-185 ft
Yellow TrailRoanoke
3,033 ft-49 ft
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