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AccessBike Snowmass
176 ft
2.0 miles-237 ft
1.4 miles-373 ft
Anaerobic NightmareBike Snowmass
3,193 ft-487 ft
Arbaney KittleAspen
17.9 miles-2,281 ft
Arbaney Kittle (Lower)Aspen
1.7 miles-323 ft
Blue RibbonRed Hill Recreation Area
1,452 ft-8 ft
BogusRed Hill Recreation Area
5,202 ft-230 ft
Boys Scout
9.8 miles-1,746 ft
BuckhornPrince Creek Trail System
3.6 miles-1,285 ft
Buckhorn Traverse
1.4 miles-301 ft
4,915 ft-58 ft
1.2 miles-11 ft
Buttermilk Bowls
1.7 miles-842 ft
Campground Connector (N)Bike Snowmass
3,193 ft-417 ft
Campground Connector (S)Bike Snowmass
2,528 ft-8 ft
Christmas TreePrince Creek Trail System
2,557 ft-6 ft
ColorowNew Castle
2.2 miles-699 ft
Colorow ConnectorNew Castle
1,508 ft-55 ft
1.7 miles-1,842 ft
2.9 miles-1,385 ft
Cross MountainBike Snowmass
2.0 miles-311 ft
1.6 miles-170 ft
1.5 miles-376 ft
DitchBike Snowmass
3,232 ft-75 ft
DitchBike Snowmass
1.9 miles-331 ft
DitchlineBike Snowmass
4,545 ft-263 ft
East Rim
1.1 miles-601 ft
Elk TraverseRed Hill Recreation Area
1.5 miles-102 ft
English TrimPrince Creek Trail System
1,213 ft-2 ft
ExpressoBike Snowmass
1.5 miles-308 ft
FaerieRed Hill Recreation Area
1.2 miles-170 ft
Fanny HillBike Snowmass
2,103 ft-137 ft
Father of GinormousPrince Creek Trail System
2.0 miles-1,198 ft
GinormousPrince Creek Trail System
1,535 ft
GovernmentBike Snowmass
7.1 miles-879 ft
Government (West)Bike Snowmass
2.8 miles-658 ft
Government AccessBike Snowmass
333 ft
High SchoolAspen
4,481 ft-31 ft
1.3 miles-423 ft
HighlinePrince Creek Trail System
3,900 ft-58 ft
3.3 miles-638 ft
Horse RanchBike Snowmass
2,973 ft-21 ft
Hunter CreekAspen
1,976 ft
Hunter CreekAspen
1.7 miles-60 ft
Hunter CreekAspen
3,494 ft-10 ft
Hunter CreekAspen
883 ft
Hunter Creek AccessAspen
705 ft-49 ft
Hunter Creek AccessAspen
1,101 ft-8 ft
Hunter CutoffAspen
1,277 ft-95 ft
Hunter CutoffAspen
3,255 ft-282 ft
Hunter ValleyAspen
2.8 miles-84 ft
InniePrince Creek Trail System
3.8 miles-1,211 ft
Inny CutPrince Creek Trail System
582 ft-89 ft
Iowa ShaftAspen
1.4 miles-260 ft
KarBike Snowmass
2,560 ft-408 ft
1.8 miles-45 ft
1.2 miles-93 ft
3.3 miles-466 ft
Lorax Loop
2,449 ft-143 ft
1,713 ft-9 ft
3,435 ft-228 ft
Meadowlands OsAspen
761 ft-22 ft
Meadowlands OsAspen
2,078 ft-18 ft
Monte CarloPrince Creek Trail System
3.1 miles-73 ft
Mount MedarisNew Castle
1,383 ft-8 ft
Mount MedarisNew Castle
3,944 ft-151 ft
Mount Medaris AccessNew Castle
800 ft
Mountain ViewAspen
4,198 ft-281 ft
Mushroom RockRed Hill Recreation Area
4,530 ft-27 ft
North PorcupinePrince Creek Trail System
2.6 miles-447 ft
Northside LoopRed Hill Recreation Area
4.9 miles-485 ft
4,709 ft-213 ft
Outer LoopRed Hill Recreation Area
3,824 ft-158 ft
OutiePrince Creek Trail System
2.5 miles-232 ft
Outie CutPrince Creek Trail System
1,183 ft
PlungePrince Creek Trail System
919 ft-2 ft
Powerline (Aspen)Bike Snowmass
1.2 miles-702 ft
Powerline AccessBike Snowmass
473 ft-1 ft
Red Mountain DH
2.0 miles-1,592 ft
Rim North ConnectBike Snowmass
3,518 ft-298 ft
Rim Trail NorthAspen
3.4 miles-610 ft
Rim Trail SouthAspen
3.7 miles-994 ft
Roller CoasterRed Hill Recreation Area
3,007 ft-196 ft
Sage LoopRed Hill Recreation Area
3.2 miles-451 ft
Sage Loop AltRed Hill Recreation Area
2,422 ft-61 ft
2.2 miles-1,687 ft
Scotties (Lower)
4,759 ft-681 ft
2.8 miles-784 ft
Sinclair MeadowsAspen
748 ft
Skeeters RidgeRed Hill Recreation Area
4,285 ft-164 ft
Skull BucketPrince Creek Trail System
3.5 miles-1,156 ft
2.1 miles-402 ft
South PorcupinePrince Creek Trail System
1.2 miles-179 ft
Spiral PointAspen
623 ft-27 ft
Spiral PointAspen
201 ft
StarksBike Snowmass
2,932 ft-356 ft
Steve Bob
1.2 miles-152 ft
Steve Bob Alt
1,314 ft-47 ft
7.8 miles-1,722 ft
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