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24 CaratWhakarewarewa Forest
633 ft-174 ft
Access TrailWhakarewarewa Forest
428 ft
Arepa (Alpha) 1Whakarewarewa Forest
4,160 ft-68 ft
Arepa (uphill section)Whakarewarewa Forest
3,039 ft-5 ft
As You DoWhakarewarewa Forest
1.3 miles-5 ft
Baja LinkWhakarewarewa Forest
3,553 ft-125 ft
Ball and ChainWhakarewarewa Forest
1,600 ft
Be Rude Not 2 connectorWhakarewarewa Forest
417 ft-9 ft
Be Rude Not TooWhakarewarewa Forest
1.3 miles-346 ft
Be Rude Not Too ConnectorWhakarewarewa Forest
291 ft
Be Rude Not Too to Te Wash Road ExitWhakarewarewa Forest
513 ft-19 ft
Billy TWhakarewarewa Forest
1.3 miles-563 ft
Blue Lake HighlineWhakarewarewa Forest
1.4 miles-214 ft
BoulderdashWhakarewarewa Forest
1,849 ft-37 ft
Bunny Jugs 1Whakarewarewa Forest
504 ft-27 ft
Bunny Jugs 2Whakarewarewa Forest
2,534 ft-91 ft
Challenge DHWhakarewarewa Forest
2,820 ft-39 ft
Challenge RoadsideWhakarewarewa Forest
3,967 ft-129 ft
Challenge UphillWhakarewarewa Forest
1,311 ft-3 ft
Chestnut LinkWhakarewarewa Forest
1,894 ft-67 ft
Chestnut Link 1Whakarewarewa Forest
2,789 ft-4 ft
Chestnut Link 2Whakarewarewa Forest
1,347 ft-100 ft
Chop SueyWhakarewarewa Forest
2,128 ft-41 ft
ConnectorWhakarewarewa Forest
1,630 ft-67 ft
CornersWhakarewarewa Forest
1.9 miles-1,020 ft
CorridorWhakarewarewa Forest
4,146 ft-330 ft
CreekWhakarewarewa Forest
2.8 miles-172 ft
Dammit JanetWhakarewarewa Forest
1,951 ft-177 ft
Day WalkerSkyline - Rotorua
1,666 ft-247 ft
DipperWhakarewarewa Forest
1.4 miles-76 ft
Double DownWhakarewarewa Forest
1,066 ft-131 ft
Down The GutsWhakarewarewa Forest
1,169 ft-25 ft
Dragon's TailWhakarewarewa Forest
4,513 ft-207 ft
Eagle vs SharkWhakarewarewa Forest
1.5 miles-943 ft
Eastern SpiceWhakarewarewa Forest
1,532 ft-258 ft
Exit NDO TrailWhakarewarewa Forest
2,689 ft-330 ft
FeederWhakarewarewa Forest
3,144 ft-221 ft
Fool's GoldWhakarewarewa Forest
1,170 ft-170 ft
Frank n' FurterWhakarewarewa Forest
1,056 ft-208 ft
Frontal LobotomyWhakarewarewa Forest
3,805 ft-58 ft
G RockWhakarewarewa Forest
2,319 ft-217 ft
GrinchWhakarewarewa Forest
3,025 ft-312 ft
GrinderWhakarewarewa Forest
4,409 ft-196 ft
Grinder to dipperWhakarewarewa Forest
242 ft-3 ft
Gunna GottaWhakarewarewa Forest
5,007 ft-318 ft
Hatu PatuWhakarewarewa Forest
3,171 ft-460 ft
Hemo Gorge TrailWhakarewarewa Forest
4,870 ft-78 ft
HipsterSkyline - Rotorua
2,945 ft-348 ft
Hot X BunsWhakarewarewa Forest
5,268 ft-525 ft
Hot X Buns (extra top bit)Whakarewarewa Forest
2,119 ft-163 ft
Hot X Buns to Tumeke linkWhakarewarewa Forest
364 ft-14 ft
Huckleberry HoundWhakarewarewa Forest
2,908 ft-268 ft
Hunna Gotta AccessWhakarewarewa Forest
235 ft
Jeffs LinkWhakarewarewa Forest
1,590 ft-5 ft
K2Whakarewarewa Forest
4,714 ft-435 ft
K2 to Tickler linkWhakarewarewa Forest
1,539 ft-1 ft
KataoreWhakarewarewa Forest
3,889 ft-791 ft
Katore JumpsWhakarewarewa Forest
1,959 ft-202 ft
Kid's LoopWhakarewarewa Forest
1,463 ft-28 ft
Kung Fu WalrusWhakarewarewa Forest
4,640 ft-673 ft
Kung Fu Walrus ExtensionWhakarewarewa Forest
1,935 ft-257 ft
Lake Tikitapu TrailWhakarewarewa Forest
1.6 miles-63 ft
Lentil LinkWhakarewarewa Forest
477 ft
Link: Be Rude Not To - entry Lion's TrailWhakarewarewa Forest
1,092 ft-14 ft
Lion TrailWhakarewarewa Forest
3,734 ft-78 ft
Lion trail - early exitWhakarewarewa Forest
259 ft-13 ft
Little Red Riding HuckWhakarewarewa Forest
3,999 ft-697 ft
Lower Sprint WarriorSkyline - Rotorua
2,623 ft-354 ft
Mad If You Don'tWhakarewarewa Forest
2,761 ft-3 ft
Mini DHWhakarewarewa Forest
1,045 ft-68 ft
MoonshineWhakarewarewa Forest
1,896 ft-113 ft
Moss PigletSkyline - Rotorua
1,182 ft-193 ft
Mr BlackSkyline - Rotorua
1.1 miles-771 ft
New ExitWhakarewarewa Forest
2,630 ft-281 ft
No BrainsWhakarewarewa Forest
1.4 miles-715 ft
No Brains (short exit)Whakarewarewa Forest
1,256 ft-9 ft
North FaceWhakarewarewa Forest
986 ft-188 ft
Okaro Trail
1.5 miles-66 ft
Old ChevyWhakarewarewa Forest
2.1 miles-181 ft
Paddy's Run (A Trail)Whakarewarewa Forest
4,686 ft-293 ft
Pig TrackWhakarewarewa Forest
4,321 ft-183 ft
Pigeon RunWhakarewarewa Forest
807 ft-131 ft
PigletWhakarewarewa Forest
1,615 ft-66 ft
Pondy DownhillWhakarewarewa Forest
2,309 ft-268 ft
Pondy NewWhakarewarewa Forest
1.2 miles-380 ft
PuarengaWhakarewarewa Forest
2,617 ft
Puarenga (Duck pond exit)Whakarewarewa Forest
1,297 ft
Rainbow Mountain Summit TrackRainbow Mountain
1.3 miles-79 ft
Riff RaffWhakarewarewa Forest
1,942 ft-502 ft
Riff to ChestnutWhakarewarewa Forest
192 ft-27 ft
RockdropWhakarewarewa Forest
1,030 ft-65 ft
Rockdrop AlternateWhakarewarewa Forest
252 ft-51 ft
Rockdrop DownWhakarewarewa Forest
3,531 ft-171 ft
Rockdrop UpWhakarewarewa Forest
959 ft
Rocky HorrorWhakarewarewa Forest
2,543 ft-381 ft
Roller CoasterWhakarewarewa Forest
1.6 miles-610 ft
RosebankWhakarewarewa Forest
3,168 ft-96 ft
SidewinderWhakarewarewa Forest
2,236 ft-31 ft
Simple JackSkyline - Rotorua
4,724 ft-572 ft
SoakholeWhakarewarewa Forest
1.3 miles-315 ft
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