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Aunt Mary's ClimbDownerville State Forest
3,221 ft-104 ft
Beaver BridgeHigh Flats State Forest
1.8 miles-401 ft
Bucky's TrailDownerville State Forest
1.1 miles-171 ft
By PassDownerville State Forest
1,339 ft-86 ft
Charlie's RunHigh Flats State Forest
1.4 miles-244 ft
Clarkson Flow trailHigh Flats State Forest
2,517 ft-193 ft
CliffhangerLenny Road Trails
1,033 ft-41 ft
Climber TrailHigh Flats State Forest
1.3 miles-103 ft
Connector TrailDownerville State Forest
266 ft-21 ft
Drop Down 1Downerville State Forest
1,013 ft-122 ft
Drop Down 2Downerville State Forest
1,147 ft-131 ft
Entrance trailLenny Road Trails
1,078 ft-106 ft
Grandma's ClimbDownerville State Forest
1.3 miles-409 ft
Grandpa's ClimbDownerville State Forest
5,166 ft-96 ft
KC Connector
1,278 ft-49 ft
Kenny's Climb AxeHigh Flats State Forest
1.5 miles-356 ft
Ledges 1Lenny Road Trails
5,239 ft-289 ft
Ledges 2Lenny Road Trails
3,512 ft-235 ft
Ledges 2-3 drop connector (name?)Lenny Road Trails
1,180 ft-94 ft
Ledges 3Lenny Road Trails
3,118 ft-140 ft
Lenny Rd. to Stone Valley ConnectorLenny Road Trails
3,049 ft-120 ft
Lenny's LoopsLenny Road Trails
2.4 miles-619 ft
Milo's LoopDownerville State Forest
2.3 miles-423 ft
Nicky's LoopDownerville State Forest
5,087 ft-130 ft
Nicky/Grandpa ConnectorDownerville State Forest
1,756 ft-98 ft
O'malley BrookLenny Road Trails
4,248 ft-189 ft
Proposed Flow trailLenny Road Trails
1,265 ft-146 ft
Proposed Return TrailLenny Road Trails
1,655 ft-32 ft
River TrailDownerville State Forest
2.6 miles-585 ft
Seven Springs Express (lollipop)Lenny Road Trails
1.2 miles-193 ft
SlingshotDownerville State Forest
1,472 ft-178 ft
Stone ValleyLenny Road Trails
3.0 miles-906 ft
The GrinderHigh Flats State Forest
1,437 ft-78 ft
upper Clarkson trail connectorHigh Flats State Forest
1,133 ft-40 ft
upper logging Rd.High Flats State Forest
1,713 ft-64 ft
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