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35th St ConnectorLittle Mountain Park
1,047 ft-26 ft
37th St ConnectorLittle Mountain Park
814 ft-11 ft
71st Ave ConnectorParkhill East & West
1.8 miles
71st Ave connector 2Parkhill East & West
278 ft-38 ft
73rd Ave ConnectorParkhill East & West
330 ft-22 ft
Ball ParkParkhill East & West
1,591 ft-38 ft
Ball Park ConnectorParkhill East & West
324 ft-24 ft
BanjooSouth Canoe
1,003 ft-81 ft
Beach trailParkhill East & West
1.8 miles-4 ft
Bear denSouth Canoe
1,964 ft-274 ft
Bike RouteParkhill East & West
1.8 miles-4 ft
BirchLittle Mountain Park
611 ft-16 ft
Birch TrailCoyote Park
619 ft-23 ft
Catamont CanyonLarch Hills Nordic Trails
1.9 miles-1,705 ft
CedarLittle Mountain Park
830 ft-31 ft
Cedar TrailCoyote Park
873 ft
CentreLittle Mountain Park
1,401 ft-1 ft
Climb trailSouth Canoe
2,055 ft-7 ft
Coffee TimeSouth Canoe
1,264 ft-233 ft
Coyote TrailCoyote Park
209 ft
Crow TrailCoyote Park
230 ft-28 ft
CruzinCoyote Park
283 ft-18 ft
CurrieParkhill East & West
1,542 ft-55 ft
CutlineLittle Mountain Park
1,401 ft-51 ft
Dead BearSouth Canoe
452 ft-6 ft
Deer TrailCoyote Park
840 ft-93 ft
Deer TrailSouth Canoe
804 ft
FencelineCoyote Park
781 ft-119 ft
Field of Dreams Nature TrailLittle Mountain Park
369 ft-2 ft
Field ViewLittle Mountain Park
1,401 ft-5 ft
FirLittle Mountain Park
1,401 ft-41 ft
Flicker TrailCoyote Park
136 ft-4 ft
FlipsideSouth Canoe
-315 ft
Flying Nun Parking ConnectorSouth Canoe
507 ft-39 ft
Ghost trailParkhill East & West
404 ft
Green wayLarch Hills Nordic Trails
1.2 miles-755 ft
Grouse TrailCoyote Park
358 ft-55 ft
HannaParkhill East & West
1,542 ft
HissaParkhill East & West
1,542 ft-14 ft
HolmesParkhill East & West
1,542 ft-177 ft
KC ConnectorSouth Canoe
548 ft
KC ReloadedSouth Canoe
4,579 ft-740 ft
Kids loopSouth Canoe
722 ft-17 ft
KoskiParkhill East & West
911 ft-88 ft
Larch LoopLittle Mountain Park
2,439 ft-83 ft
Larchhills TraverseSouth Canoe
19.2 miles-4,994 ft
Larchhills Traverse AccessSouth Canoe
1.0 miles-21 ft
Lower SchitzoSouth Canoe
3,990 ft-416 ft
LumpySouth Canoe
2,877 ft-588 ft
LundParkhill East & West
1,542 ft-37 ft
Malibu Landing 1South Canoe
254 ft-5 ft
Malibu Landing 2South Canoe
176 ft-1 ft
Malibu Landing 3South Canoe
101 ft
MapleLittle Mountain Park
2,439 ft-1 ft
Meadow TrailSouth Canoe
259 ft-6 ft
Meadow Trail (Multi-Use)South Canoe
263 ft
Mo buddha (old)South Canoe
1,978 ft-185 ft
Moose trailSouth Canoe
711 ft-1 ft
Mt Ida DownSalmon Arm
6.8 miles-1,774 ft
Mt Ida East RidgeSalmon Arm
6.8 miles-810 ft
Mt Ida North Rd (mostly deactivated)Salmon Arm
7.5 miles-2,737 ft
Mt Ida West Peak TrailSalmon Arm
6.8 miles-89 ft
Mtb ConnectorSA Extra Lines
452 ft-34 ft
Novice ConnectorSouth Canoe
309 ft-15 ft
Old LandfillParkhill East & West
923 ft-4 ft
Old Malibu ConnectorSouth Canoe
289 ft
Outer LoopLittle Mountain Park
1.1 miles-189 ft
Outer LoopCoyote Park
4,181 ft-154 ft
Outer LoopParkhill East & West
1.8 miles-643 ft
Owls Prowl (Bike Route)Salmon Arm
1,547 ft-19 ft
P2 (MTB Only)South Canoe
71 ft
P2 (Multi-use)South Canoe
656 ft-49 ft
P2 MTB OnlySouth Canoe
1,710 ft-16 ft
Paranoia LeftSouth Canoe
2,230 ft-172 ft
Paranoia RightSouth Canoe
1,354 ft-173 ft
Parking ConnectorParkhill East & West
276 ft-33 ft
PetersonParkhill East & West
1.8 miles-2 ft
PineLittle Mountain Park
1.1 miles-19 ft
PPTSouth Canoe
3,845 ft-305 ft
PPT 2South Canoe
603 ft-50 ft
PPT Metford ConnectorSouth Canoe
147 ft-7 ft
Private (North)Little Mountain Park
1.1 miles-28 ft
Private (South)Little Mountain Park
1.1 miles
PrudentialSouth Canoe
5,231 ft-257 ft
PumphouseParkhill East & West
2,072 ft-191 ft
Quad Bog DHSalmon Arm
7.1 miles-3,207 ft
Remembrance Day ConnectorParkhill East & West
1.8 miles
Remembrance Day Connector 2Parkhill East & West
1.8 miles
Remembrance Day TrailSalmon Arm
2,754 ft-183 ft
Remembrance StairsParkhill East & West
104 ft-14 ft
Ridge RunLarch Hills Nordic Trails
3,738 ft-87 ft
Ridge TrailCoyote Park
4,181 ft-35 ft
RuthParkhill East & West
1.8 miles
SansomParkhill East & West
1.8 miles-163 ft
Shortcut 1Little Mountain Park
1.1 miles-10 ft
Shortcut 2Salmon Arm
1.1 miles-3 ft
Shortcut 3Salmon Arm
1.1 miles
Shortcut 4Little Mountain Park
1.1 miles-6 ft
Shortcut 5Little Mountain Park
1.1 miles-3 ft
SidehillLittle Mountain Park
1.1 miles-57 ft
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