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1-4Rock Creek OHV
3.0 miles-755 ft
2 Bridges
1.3 miles-202 ft
203 South Trail
1.3 miles-161 ft
3rd DivideDownieville
2.1 miles-1,264 ft
7.1Rock Creek OHV
2.1 miles-1,030 ft
Adventure TrailMammoth Mountain Bike Park
1,515 ft-108 ft
Armstrong Connector Trail
1.8 miles-722 ft
Armstrong Trail
3.9 miles-1,284 ft
Back of Beyond
4.1 miles-529 ft
Beach CruiserMammoth Mountain Bike Park
5.5 miles-820 ft
Bearing StraitsMammoth Mountain Bike Park
2.2 miles-636 ft
Beaver Pond Route
15.1 miles-39 ft
Benduro DH #2Rock Creek OHV
3.9 miles-1,988 ft
Betsy Mine Trail
6.5 miles-11 ft
Beyers Lake Trail
5.0 miles-835 ft
Big BoulderDownieville
6.3 miles-2,690 ft
Big RingMammoth Mountain Bike Park
1.6 miles-529 ft
Big Ring - Downtown Connector
983 ft-16 ft
Big TreesNorthstar California
1.2 miles-717 ft
Billy Goat
3,857 ft-220 ft
Black Rail TrailHidden Falls Regional Park
2.2 miles-7 ft
Blm Trail
15.1 miles-109 ft
Blue Lake Trail
2.2 miles-516 ft
Blue Lake Trail Access Road
1.1 miles-147 ft
Blue LineTruckee Bike Park
592 ft-32 ft
Blue Oak LoopHidden Falls Regional Park
1.2 miles-280 ft
Blue Oak LoopHidden Falls Regional Park
3,895 ft-176 ft
Blue XC LoopTruckee Bike Park
1,829 ft-48 ft
Bob Watson Descent
1.0 miles-494 ft
Bobcat TrailHidden Falls Regional Park
2.2 miles-14 ft
BoomerangMammoth Mountain Bike Park
BoondocksNorthstar California
1.5 miles-1,005 ft
BoosterNorthstar California
1.2 miles-199 ft
Brake ThroughMammoth Mountain Bike Park
3.2 miles-1,180 ft
Bridgeview Trail
4,008 ft-11 ft
Brown Your Ravine
2,244 ft-149 ft
Browns Ravine Trail
2.1 miles-378 ft
Browns Ravine Trail
10.7 miles-2,294 ft
Bull Pen Trail
1.5 miles-558 ft
Bullet DHMammoth Mountain Bike Park
1.5 miles-1,255 ft
Butcher RanchDownieville
6.4 miles-3,419 ft
Butcher Ranch alt.
1.2 miles-501 ft
Butcher Ranch OHV Road
5.5 miles-1,476 ft
2,377 ft-4 ft
Caples CrestKirkwood Mountain Resort
1.5 miles-620 ft
Cascade Canal Trail
4.3 miles-520 ft
Cascade Canal Trail Connector
1,310 ft-8 ft
Castle Valley Road
3.3 miles-45 ft
Cedar Flat
1.3 miles-314 ft
Cena-Lar Downhill
2.1 miles-522 ft
Chain SmokeMammoth Mountain Bike Park
4,661 ft-710 ft
Chimney Rock TrailDownieville
6.3 miles-1,675 ft
Christmas Valley Trail
4.1 miles-1,712 ft
Clemetine TrailAuburn State Recreation Area
1.8 miles-271 ft
CoasterNorthstar California
2.6 miles-1,089 ft
Columbine Trail Connector
4,866 ft-65 ft
Confluence TrailAuburn State Recreation Area
1.8 miles-740 ft
Conlon Mine Trail
4,150 ft-59 ft
Connector TrailAuburn State Recreation Area
Cooper's Hawk TrailHidden Falls Regional Park
2.2 miles-182 ft
Coyote Ledge Trail
15.1 miles-45 ft
Coyote View Loop
6.5 miles-70 ft
9.4 miles-1,672 ft
Creek Side TrailHidden Falls Regional Park
2.2 miles-347 ft
Crooked Lakes Trail
3.2 miles-445 ft
Cross Trail
1,840 ft-67 ft
CrossoverNorthstar California
1.2 miles-72 ft
Culvert TrailAuburn State Recreation Area
1.2 miles-604 ft
Darrington Trail
7.4 miles-1,533 ft
Dascombe Connector
6.5 miles-91 ft
Dascombe Trail
1.1 miles-198 ft
DC-10Mammoth Mountain Bike Park
4,560 ft-772 ft
Deer Creek
3.2 miles-1,328 ft
Deer Creek Environs Trail
2.7 miles-615 ft
Deer Creek Tribute Trail
2.7 miles-441 ft
Deer Creek Tribute Trail
15.1 miles-142 ft
Deer TrailHidden Falls Regional Park
2.2 miles-33 ft
DeerpathNorthstar California
4,680 ft-375 ft
DipsyPage Meadows
355 ft-4 ft
DipsyPage Meadows
355 ft-4 ft
DiscotechMammoth Mountain Bike Park
Discovery TrailMammoth Mountain Bike Park
3,678 ft-228 ft
DLRT Drifter Hut Switchback Section
1.4 miles-16 ft
Don't Try This At Home--Hole In The Ground to Indian Springs Connector
12.4 miles-3,769 ft
Donner Lake Rim Trail
6.5 miles-1,519 ft
Donner Pct Access
3.3 miles-102 ft
Donner Summit Canyon Trail
2.4 miles-985 ft
Downie River TrailDownieville
5.5 miles-2,560 ft
DowntownMammoth Mountain Bike Park
4.8 miles-1,118 ft
Easy RiderNorthstar California
1.2 miles-449 ft
El Dorado Trail
14.6 miles-1,192 ft
El Dorado Trail
13.1 miles-1,287 ft
Emigrant Trail
11.4 miles-1,570 ft
Empire Creek TrailDownieville
5.5 miles-3,380 ft
Empire Street Trail
4,150 ft-118 ft
Explorer TrailMammoth Mountain Bike Park
1,577 ft-132 ft
First Divide
3.4 miles-1,462 ft
FlameoutNorthstar California
1.9 miles-965 ft
Flesh Wound
2,339 ft-70 ft
Flood Road Trail
4,115 ft-11 ft
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