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Ardagh Bluffs Loop TrailArdagh Bluffs
3.0 miles-452 ft
CarelessHorseshoe Valley Bike Park
1,653 ft-125 ft
Carnage Valley
8.9 miles-971 ft
Climb back upCopeland Forest
3,082 ft-8 ft
Copeland DownhillCopeland Forest
2,713 ft-221 ft
Crank'dHardwood Ski and Bike
4.2 miles-252 ft
Fast TrackHorseshoe Valley Bike Park
2,166 ft-179 ft
Fun TrailHardwood Ski and Bike
3.4 miles-308 ft
Gnarly CourseHardwood Ski and Bike
7.0 miles-874 ft
Kenny's CreationHorseshoe Valley Bike Park
867 ft-146 ft
Midhurst Trails
9.4 miles-798 ft
Midland SCMBC Trail (The Dump Trail)
Mile High DownhillCopeland Forest
3,043 ft-217 ft
Nice N EasyHardwood Ski and Bike
3.5 miles-301 ft
O-Cup CourseHorseshoe Valley Bike Park
2,480 ft-192 ft
Outer trailCopeland Forest
4,336 ft-95 ft
Parking to top of hillCopeland Forest
1.9 miles-249 ft
Radical CourseHardwood Ski and Bike
7.7 miles-1,123 ft
Rail Trail from Wyevale to Peneguishene
9.5 miles-490 ft
Ridge RunCopeland Forest
3,702 ft-197 ft
Serious CourseHardwood Ski and Bike
6.3 miles-596 ft
Sidewinder CourseHardwood Ski and Bike
4.7 miles-593 ft
SwampCopeland Forest
4,370 ft-9 ft
Toanche LoopToanche (Awenda Provincial Park)
5.8 miles-469 ft
West Rail TrailCopeland Forest
3,339 ft-48 ft
1.6 miles-160 ft
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