Ass Cow Boy (Smith Creek Jump Line)
1,991 ft-364 ft
Connector to Soul Train
329 ft-4 ft
Connector- Kid DinoMyt to SoulTrain Climb
647 ft-89 ft
Connector-Holy Pail to Santa Revenge
910 ft-73 ft
Danger Danger
923 ft-211 ft
Dear Santa
4,151 ft-558 ft
Easy Up to Lookout
1,186 ft-28 ft
Feel The Love
1.9 miles-1,346 ft
Gruel- Dump
3,257 ft-214 ft
Holy Pail Trail Descent
2,542 ft-575 ft
Holy Pail Up (Climb to Kid Dino Myt)
1,503 ft-40 ft
Holy Pail Up (Climb)
4.0 miles-314 ft
Holy Pail Up (To SoulTrain/ Kid Dino Myt)
3,039 ft-17 ft
Kid DinoMyt Descent
2,879 ft-381 ft
More Cowbell
2,352 ft-376 ft
Santa's Revenge
3,198 ft-341 ft
Sons of Anarchy
1,743 ft-218 ft
Soul Train Descent
3,778 ft-513 ft
SoulTrain Climb
2,821 ft-34 ft
Switchbacks to Holy Pail Up
1,968 ft-173 ft
Tallus flume Trail
2.8 miles-290 ft
Traverse to Santa's
1,071 ft-33 ft
Travlelin' Man (Top)
1.8 miles-977 ft
3,417 ft-15 ft
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