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Box SpringsWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
2.1 miles-903 ft
Canyon TrailAnnadel State Park
1.0 miles-164 ft
Channel TrailAnnadel State Park
3.9 miles-158 ft
CobblestoneAnnadel State Park
2.0 miles-671 ft
Creekside ConnectorWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
2,655 ft
Creekside TrailWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
3,904 ft-85 ft
DarksideAnnadel State Park
1.1 miles-420 ft
Freeze OutWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
1.1 miles-543 ft
Full MontyWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
3,697 ft-529 ft
HeadhunterAnnadel State Park
3,397 ft-452 ft
Islands in the Sky LoopWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
3.1 miles-1,047 ft
JamboreeWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
1.0 miles-362 ft
LawndaleAnnadel State Park
2.8 miles-1,070 ft
Lewis TrailAnnadel State Park
3,582 ft-76 ft
Live Oak TrailAnnadel State Park
4,312 ft-234 ft
Lower BarnWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
1.3 miles-750 ft
ManzanitaAnnadel State Park
1.0 miles-607 ft
Marsh to Ridge Cheater HIllAnnadel State Park
137 ft
Marsh TrailAnnadel State Park
4.1 miles-774 ft
North BurmaAnnadel State Park
1.6 miles-722 ft
Orchard LoopAnnadel State Park
3.9 miles-86 ft
Orchard TrailAnnadel State Park
3.9 miles-150 ft
Pig Flat TrailAnnadel State Park
3.9 miles-151 ft
Pomo CanyonWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
2.7 miles-732 ft
Red HillWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
1.7 miles-404 ft
Red Hill Summit Loop
4,475 ft-337 ft
Ridge TrailAnnadel State Park
4.0 miles-806 ft
Rough GoAnnadel State Park
1.9 miles-120 ft
Santa's SleighAnnadel State Park
1.3 miles-745 ft
SchultzAnnadel State Park
1.8 miles-294 ft
Seven SpringsWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
2.4 miles-751 ft
Smokin' AcesAnnadel State Park
1,852 ft-329 ft
South BurmaAnnadel State Park
2.0 miles-589 ft
Spring CreekAnnadel State Park
1.2 miles-504 ft
Two QuarryAnnadel State Park
2.0 miles-439 ft
Up & OverAnnadel State Park
2,912 ft-147 ft
Upper BarnWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
1.2 miles-531 ft
Watershed View TrailWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
4,098 ft-192 ft
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