B&F Creek Trail
5.4 miles-3,257 ft
Big Creek Lorna
2.3 miles-267 ft
Camel Pass Trail
1.7 miles-715 ft
Castle Pass Trail
5.4 miles-3,338 ft
Cinnabar Mining Road (upper section)
1.5 miles-24 ft
Deer Pass Trail
6.1 miles-2,493 ft
Greasy Hill Trail
2.6 miles-534 ft
Gun Meadows
1.7 miles-932 ft
High Trail Connector
2,044 ft-218 ft
High Trail South
2.1 miles-1,007 ft
Leckie Creek Connector1
2,484 ft-214 ft
Leckie Creek Connector2
1,969 ft-195 ft
Leckie Creek Connector3
730 ft-113 ft
Leckie Creek Falls Trail
3,661 ft-78 ft
Little Paradise Creek Trail
5.2 miles-153 ft
Lizard Creek Trail
4.9 miles-262 ft
Lorna Pass Trail
4.0 miles-1,631 ft
Lower Big Creek to Graveyard Cabin
7.0 miles-350 ft
Lower Grasslands Trail
1.9 miles-307 ft
Lower Gun Creek Trail (Gun Crk Rd to Jewel)
4.9 miles-806 ft
Lower Gun Creek Trail (Jewel to Spruce)
7.4 miles-2,081 ft
Lower Ty Hikers Trail
2.5 miles-803 ft
Lower Tyaughton Creek Trail - Castle Junction to Paradise FSR
5.4 miles-1,374 ft
Lower Tyaughton Creek Trail - WD to Castle Junction
4.4 miles-1,031 ft
Manson Creek Col
1.4 miles
Manson Creek Trail
2.3 miles
Menhinick Memorial Trail
2,662 ft-138 ft
Mid Gun Creek Trail (Deer to Spruce)
7.3 miles-1,492 ft
Mid Tyaughton Creek Trail
8.3 miles-2,124 ft
Old Greasy Hill Trail
3,133 ft
Open Heart Connector Trail
1.7 miles-96 ft
Open Heart Trail
2.2 miles-1,714 ft
Paradise Creek Trail
8.4 miles-741 ft
Relay Col
3.6 miles-1,619 ft
Spruce Creek Trail
2.4 miles-629 ft
Spruce Dock Loop
2,100 ft-77 ft
Spruce Lake Main
2.3 miles-752 ft
Spruce Lake West Trail
1.5 miles-184 ft
Tyoax Pass
2.1 miles-411 ft
Tyoax Pass Connector
1.1 miles-710 ft
Upper Grasslands
1.5 miles-357 ft
Upper Gun Creek Trail
3.1 miles-142 ft
Upper Tyaughton Creek Trail
2.2 miles-1,255 ft
Warner Pass Trail
12.2 miles-2,986 ft
WD Trail
2.1 miles-395 ft
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