statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
4,096 ft-73 ft
5 OaksAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
4,569 ft-664 ft
6 Kids No Brains
1,569 ft-315 ft
911A (Peacemaker) TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
3,105 ft-106 ft
3,979 ft-438 ft
Agua Dulce Creek TrailLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
1.9 miles-560 ft
Albertsons FR (China Flat to Dave's Dive)Cheseboro Canyon
1.5 miles-346 ft
Aliso Creek
2.6 miles-359 ft
Aliso Creek (Crossing to Alicia)Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
1.2 miles-12 ft
Aliso Creek Bikeway
12.9 miles-332 ft
Aliso Creek ConnectorWhiting Ranch Wilderness Park
1,594 ft-50 ft
Aliso Creek TrailAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
2.9 miles-263 ft
Aliso SummitAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
2.1 miles-144 ft
Animal Trail
3,600 ft-607 ft
Anne's DescentSan Elijo Hills
4,848 ft-412 ft
Arroyo - BeebeO'Neill Regional Park
5,275 ft-56 ft
Arroyo CrossingO'Neill Regional Park
1,914 ft-86 ft
Arroyo Ridge DHO'Neill Regional Park
765 ft-98 ft
Arroyo South - High Side TrailO'Neill Regional Park
1.4 miles-161 ft
Arroyo Trabuco (Parking to Gate)O'Neill Regional Park
887 ft-21 ft
Arroyo Trabuco South (GC to Crown Valley)O'Neill Regional Park
2.1 miles-85 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Creek Crossings)O'Neill Regional Park
1,049 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Crown Valley to Oso)O'Neill Regional Park
1.7 miles-13 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Lookout to Crown Valley)O'Neill Regional Park
1,813 ft-33 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Oso to O'Neill)O'Neill Regional Park
5.4 miles-190 ft
Awhee TrailBlack Mountain
3,911 ft-131 ft
Azalea Springs TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
1.3 miles-27 ft
B LopesSan Juan Hills
2,124 ft-253 ft
B.F.I.Crystal Cove State Park
1,627 ft-152 ft
Baby headWrights Field
2,526 ft-111 ft
Backbone - Etz Meloy to Mulholland
2.7 miles-1,202 ft
Backbone - Kanan T1 to Encinal Parking LotStokes Canyon
4.9 miles-1,483 ft
Backbone - Yerba Buena to Circle X Parking LotEncinal Canyon
4.6 miles-1,297 ft
Backbone TrailEncinal Canyon
5.2 miles-712 ft
Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal RidgeWill Rogers State Park
6.0 miles-238 ft
Backbone Trail: Kanan to Corral CanyonCorral Canyon
6.1 miles-944 ft
Backdoor Weir Canyon
3,970 ft-71 ft
4,933 ft-399 ft
backside connectorWrights Field
421 ft
Bane RidgeChino Hills State Park
2.3 miles-603 ft
Banner Toll Road
3.0 miles-107 ft
Barbed Wire
2,976 ft-309 ft
Barham RidgeSantiago Oaks
4,888 ft-415 ft
Barham Ridge ST (South)Irvine Regional Park
1,266 ft-13 ft
Barking DogSan Juan Hills
3,565 ft-71 ft
Beer Run
601 ft-59 ft
Beggars DHWestridge-Canyonback
1,301 ft-303 ft
Bell Bluff
2.9 miles-1,139 ft
Bell Canyon
1,052 ft-81 ft
Bell Canyon (Oso to Star Rise)Ronald W. Casper's Wilderness Park
4,034 ft-159 ft
Bell Canyon Trail (Star Rise to Parking)Ronald W. Casper's Wilderness Park
1.2 miles-220 ft
Bell View (TH to Backdoor)
1.0 miles-190 ft
Bell View Trail (Dove Canyon to Casper's)
5.0 miles-931 ft
Bell View Trail (Heritage to Plano Trabuco)O'Neill Regional Park
1.6 miles-403 ft
Bernardo Bay TrailLake Hodges
1.7 miles-133 ft
Bernardo Mountain TrailLake Hodges
2.0 miles-915 ft
Betty Dearing Trail
1.9 miles-690 ft
Big Bend TrailLaguna Coast Wilderness Park
1.4 miles-112 ft
Big Black Mountain Trail
10.0 miles-1,005 ft
Big Laguna TrailLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
5.7 miles-514 ft
Big MommaWrights Field
593 ft
Big Momma DHWrights Field
896 ft-142 ft
Big Trees TrailJoaquin Miller Park
4,668 ft-169 ft
Big WaimeaLos Penasquitos Canyon
2,977 ft-310 ft
Bishop's WalkJoaquin Miller Park
1,412 ft-171 ft
Black Death
945 ft
Black Oak TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
2.6 miles-588 ft
Black WidowBlack Mountain
3,199 ft-557 ft
Blair WitchIrvine Regional Park
4,091 ft-31 ft
Blazing BermsSycamore Canyon OSP
872 ft-76 ft
Blind Man's ChuteNorthwest Open Space
703 ft-149 ft
Blue Chair
1.4 miles-214 ft
Blue Jay (Upper San Juan)Cleveland National Forest
1.9 miles-233 ft
Blue Ridge DSan Gabriel Mountains (Wrightwood area)
2.1 miles-1,286 ft
Boat RoadLaguna Coast Wilderness Park
1.3 miles-371 ft
3,200 ft-22 ft
Bobcat TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
3,214 ft-327 ft
Bobcat TrailDaley Ranch
4,673 ft-253 ft
Bogey TrailWestridge-Canyonback
4,789 ft-534 ft
Bommer CanyonIrvine Open Space
1.1 miles-562 ft
Bommer MeadowIrvine Open Space
3,579 ft-131 ft
Bommer PassLaguna Coast Wilderness Park
2,656 ft-112 ft
Bones DH
3,811 ft-396 ft
Bonita Canyon
3,010 ft-72 ft
Bonita Creek
1,883 ft-38 ft
Borrego Canyon TrailWhiting Ranch Wilderness Park
1.5 miles-124 ft
Bottom's Up
3,806 ft-304 ft
Bovinian DelightChino Hills State Park
1.0 miles-52 ft
Bowtie RimLos Penasquitos Canyon
2,950 ft-33 ft
Bronco Peak ConnectorCorral Canyon OHV Area
4,724 ft-108 ft
Bronco Peak TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
1.9 miles-588 ft
Brown Mountain RoadBrown Mountain
3.9 miles-1,678 ft
Buck Gully
2.5 miles-149 ft
BuggerSan Juan Hills
561 ft-84 ft
Burnt MountainDaley Ranch
1,924 ft-153 ft
1.6 miles-320 ft
BVDLaguna Coast Wilderness Park
5,042 ft-483 ft
CactusSantiago Oaks
1,813 ft-272 ft
Cactus Hill TrailWhiting Ranch Wilderness Park
2,707 ft-253 ft
CadillacCleveland National Forest
1.8 miles-33 ft
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