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Alpha TrailAlpha Trail
3.4 miles-324 ft
Blue LoopMinooka Park
3.7 miles-1,056 ft
ConnectorAlpha Trail
954 ft
Green LoopKettle Moraine South
6.9 miles-1,311 ft
Green LoopMinooka Park
1.5 miles-230 ft
Hoyt to Oak Hill Connector
3.3 miles-138 ft
Hoyt trailHoyt Park
2.0 miles-116 ft
Oak Hill TrailOak Hill
4.3 miles-275 ft
Red LoopKettle Moraine South
2.9 miles-658 ft
TH ConnectorHoyt Park
785 ft-12 ft
Timber Creek Loop
1.2 miles-119 ft
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