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Anne's SurpriseHospital / Winant ParkTrails
3,493 ft-109 ft
Big JimHospital / Winant ParkTrails
1,380 ft-24 ft
Dirt SerpentEvolution Bike Park at Mt. Sunapee
5,119 ft-380 ft
DownspoutHospital / Winant ParkTrails
3,472 ft-194 ft
Flo-MotionEvolution Bike Park at Mt. Sunapee
3,030 ft-300 ft
Half-pipeEvolution Bike Park at Mt. Sunapee
1,454 ft-202 ft
Joan Winant Trail (Blue Trail)Hospital / Winant ParkTrails
1,098 ft-144 ft
Middle Mountain TrailPawtuckaway
4,890 ft-53 ft
New Trail (Unnamed)Hospital / Winant ParkTrails
2,651 ft-137 ft
Prickerbush Switchback (from Sheeperder's Trail to Winant summit)Hospital / Winant ParkTrails
1,095 ft-10 ft
Rock This Way - LowerEvolution Bike Park at Mt. Sunapee
785 ft-84 ft
Rock This Way - UpperEvolution Bike Park at Mt. Sunapee
877 ft-165 ft
Shaw TrailPawtuckaway
2.6 miles-101 ft
SidewinderEvolution Bike Park at Mt. Sunapee
2,791 ft-267 ft
Split Rock TrailPawtuckaway
1.3 miles-128 ft
The MazeHospital / Winant ParkTrails
2,568 ft-77 ft
Woronoco TrailPawtuckaway
2.0 miles-188 ft
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