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Abby'sEmerald Mountain
1,998 ft-169 ft
AgateEmerald Mountain
845 ft
Angel's WayIn Town Trails
3,652 ft-25 ft
Angry GrouseEmerald Mountain
1,012 ft-138 ft
BeallEmerald Mountain
6.3 miles-1,742 ft
Bear CreekIn Town Trails
3,909 ft-165 ft
Bear Creek (Lower)Mad Creek
2.8 miles-485 ft
Bear Creek (Upper)Mad Creek
2.8 miles-134 ft
Blair WitchEmerald Mountain
3,878 ft-122 ft
Bluffs LoopEmerald Mountain
1.9 miles-240 ft
BRBP: Jump Line 1Bear River Bike Park
154 ft
BRBP: Jump Line 2Bear River Bike Park
249 ft
BRBP: Jump Line 3Bear River Bike Park
277 ft
BRBP: Jumps Return LineBear River Bike Park
299 ft-1 ft
BRBP: Pump Track Loop 1Bear River Bike Park
389 ft-1 ft
BRBP: Pump Track Loop 2Bear River Bike Park
356 ft-2 ft
Buckin BroncSteamboat Bike Park
1,843 ft-201 ft
Bull RiderSteamboat Bike Park
1,419 ft-109 ft
Bull Rider (Upper Connection)Steamboat Bike Park
256 ft-17 ft
ButcherknifeIn Town Trails
3,477 ft-47 ft
Cathys CutoffMount Werner
2,803 ft-251 ft
Connector (13th/Blackmere)Emerald Mountain
760 ft
Connector (AngelsWay/FishCreek)In Town Trails
272 ft-18 ft
Connector (Butcherknife)In Town Trails
123 ft
Connector (Hudson/Quarry)Emerald Mountain
144 ft
Connector (Larrys/MGM)Emerald Mountain
428 ft-5 ft
Connector (Larrys/PrayerFlagRd)Emerald Mountain
330 ft
Connector (SpringCreek/OldTownHotSprings)In Town Trails
341 ft-3 ft
Connector (SwampPark/HotSprings)Mad Creek
1,578 ft-56 ft
Connector (SwampPark/Rd128)Mad Creek
1,758 ft-5 ft
Coulton Creek (429)Seedhouse
5.2 miles-1,330 ft
CreeksideMount Werner
1.2 miles-33 ft
Divide (Dumont)Rabbit Ears Pass
4.1 miles-509 ft
E-Z RiderSteamboat Bike Park
4,591 ft-370 ft
Elkhead LoopMount Werner
1.1 miles-257 ft
Ellis (1155)Seedhouse
2.6 miles-678 ft
Emerald MeadowEmerald Mountain
176 ft
Emerald Meadow (E)Emerald Mountain
1,085 ft-18 ft
Emerald Meadow (W)Emerald Mountain
1,011 ft-7 ft
Emerald MountainEmerald Mountain
760 ft-16 ft
Emerald Mountain (Connect)Emerald Mountain
357 ft-19 ft
Eye To EyeEmerald Mountain
3,656 ft-72 ft
Farwell Mtn (1203)Seedhouse
5.2 miles-1,246 ft
Fish CreekIn Town Trails
3,380 ft-15 ft
Fish Creek FallsMount Werner
6.2 miles-2,740 ft
Fox CreekIn Town Trails
1.1 miles-11 ft
GaslineEmerald Mountain
1,044 ft
Hare (1199)Seedhouse
2.6 miles-1,064 ft
Hot SpringsMad Creek
2.4 miles-315 ft
Howelsen MeadowsEmerald Mountain
2,787 ft-77 ft
HudsonEmerald Mountain
3,771 ft-324 ft
LarrysEmerald Mountain
1.1 miles-77 ft
Lithia SpringsIn Town Trails
470 ft-15 ft
Little MoabEmerald Mountain
537 ft-109 ft
LupineEmerald Mountain
4,008 ft-285 ft
LupineEmerald Mountain
2.0 miles-670 ft
Lupine ConnEmerald Mountain
689 ft-2 ft
Lupine CutEmerald Mountain
425 ft-50 ft
Manzanares (N)Seedhouse
4.3 miles-1,451 ft
Manzanares (S)Seedhouse
3.9 miles-1,014 ft
MGMEmerald Mountain
1.3 miles-140 ft
Mile RunEmerald Mountain
324 ft
Mile RunEmerald Mountain
633 ft-61 ft
Mile RunEmerald Mountain
658 ft
Molly'sEmerald Mountain
4,067 ft-442 ft
Molly's (Lower)Emerald Mountain
2,037 ft-207 ft
Molly's (Upper)Emerald Mountain
1,299 ft
MoonlightMount Werner
4,196 ft-520 ft
Morning GloriaEmerald Mountain
3.9 miles-416 ft
Mountain SneakIn Town Trails
2,334 ft-36 ft
Mountain ViewMount Werner
6.2 miles-1,174 ft
Muddy CreekRabbit Ears Pass
2.9 miles-612 ft
Muddy SlideLynx Pass
13.1 miles-2,461 ft
Nipple Peak (1147)Seedhouse
12.1 miles-2,557 ft
No Mo BluezEmerald Mountain
2,489 ft-182 ft
NPREmerald Mountain
1.6 miles-579 ft
OrtonEmerald Mountain
2,363 ft
OverlookEmerald Mountain
2,058 ft-74 ft
Pearl LakeSeedhouse
2.8 miles-867 ft
Petes Wicked TrailMount Werner
2.3 miles-20 ft
PioneerMount Werner
3.4 miles-531 ft
Prayer Flag TrailEmerald Mountain
1,432 ft
PreviewSteamboat Bike Park
819 ft-54 ft
Prospector (1156)Seedhouse
7.2 miles-1,534 ft
Quarry MtEmerald Mountain
1.9 miles-594 ft
Raw HideSteamboat Bike Park
2.4 miles-1,829 ft
Red DirtMad Creek
5.0 miles-541 ft
Rickys RidgeEmerald Mountain
2,274 ft-109 ft
RidgeEmerald Mountain
4.6 miles-1,724 ft
Ridge ConnectorEmerald Mountain
1,884 ft-162 ft
Rita's RouteIn Town Trails
4,075 ft-59 ft
Robbies CutEmerald Mountain
1,159 ft-6 ft
Rock CreekLynx Pass
4.4 miles-956 ft
Root CanalEmerald Mountain
2,718 ft-160 ft
RotaryEmerald Mountain
3.5 miles-637 ft
Rustler RidgeSteamboat Bike Park
4.0 miles-2,167 ft
Rustler Ridge ConnectorSteamboat Bike Park
2,657 ft-245 ft
SaddleMad Creek
1.1 miles-63 ft
Saddle CutoffMad Creek
3,207 ft-266 ft
SanctuaryIn Town Trails
2.0 miles-261 ft
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