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Alex Trail
3,640 ft-167 ft
Aryn's LoopCady Hill Forest
1,906 ft-25 ft
Bear'sCady Hill Forest
3,156 ft-216 ft
BillingsSterling Forest
2,231 ft
Billings RoadSterling Forest
2.7 miles
Billings Road (Bypass)Sterling Forest
1.1 miles
Billings Road (Bypass)Sterling Forest
1,482 ft
BridgeyCady Hill Forest
4,145 ft-27 ft
Bucket TrailKirchner Woods
2,717 ft-46 ft
Cady Hill ClimbCady Hill Forest
3,223 ft
Catamount TrailSterling Forest
1.1 miles-68 ft
Catamount TrailSterling Forest
4,510 ft-163 ft
Catamount TrailSterling Forest
1,962 ft-8 ft
Charlie'sCady Hill Forest
4,698 ft-147 ft
Chuck's CorkscrewTrapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center
3,289 ft-114 ft
Cotton Brook RoadCotton Brook
2.0 miles-250 ft
Crossover TrailSterling Forest
1.1 miles-4 ft
Derby TrailAdams Camp
4,825 ft-116 ft
Double BypassAdams Camp
3,244 ft-231 ft
FlorenceCady Hill Forest
1,105 ft-92 ft
Florence (lower)Cady Hill Forest
2,690 ft-280 ft
Foster Farm trailCotton Brook
5.8 miles-1,155 ft
Hardy HaulAdams Camp
1.1 miles-133 ft
Haul RoadAdams Camp
4,771 ft-33 ft
Jerry's TrailKirchner Woods
1,269 ft
Kimmer'sAdams Camp
1.5 miles-598 ft
Lauren's LoopSterling Forest
5,223 ft-310 ft
Lodge SpurTrapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center
2,812 ft-24 ft
Luce Hill LoopTrapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center
1.5 miles-147 ft
Maple RunSterling Forest
1.0 miles-34 ft
Maple Run connectorSterling Forest
1,138 ft-49 ft
Marston TrailSterling Forest
1.4 miles-535 ft
Papa'sSterling Forest
2.7 miles-180 ft
Peak A View LoopSterling Forest
1,716 ft-45 ft
Peek A View AccessSterling Forest
1,475 ft-20 ft
PipelineAdams Camp
-534 ft
Ranch CampAdams Camp
1.3 miles-210 ft
Ruschp Sterling Ridge TrailSterling Forest
2.7 miles-1,010 ft
Schween Haus LoopsCady Hill Forest
1.7 miles-207 ft
SnakeCady Hill Forest
3,448 ft-56 ft
Split Rock LoopSterling Forest
4,262 ft-182 ft
Split Rock Trail AccessSterling Forest
3,365 ft-7 ft
Spur to Camley/Moullton Farm SiteSterling Forest
2.7 miles
Spur to Camley/Moullton Farm SiteSterling Forest
2.7 miles
Spur to Marston/Shatruck/Norris Farm SiteSterling Forest
2.7 miles
Stepping StoneTrapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center
3,022 ft-51 ft
Sterling FallsSterling Forest
2.7 miles-145 ft
Sterling RunSterling Forest
1.1 miles-358 ft
Tap LineTrapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center
4,108 ft-66 ft
The Cady Hill ConnectorCady Hill Forest
5,208 ft-109 ft
Unnamed CrossoverSterling Forest
1.1 miles-9 ft
Upper Gorge LoopSterling Forest
2.9 miles-579 ft
Zog'sCady Hill Forest
4,074 ft-149 ft
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