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286 TrailLake Crabtree County Park
12.3 miles-1,501 ft
Allen's TrailLegend Park
1,052 ft-51 ft
Briar Chapel TrailBriar Chapel
5.0 miles-297 ft
Cedar Ridge TrailWilliam B. Umstead State Park
1.5 miles-210 ft
ConnectorLake Crabtree County Park
148 ft-1 ft
ConnectorLittle River Park
303 ft-10 ft
Connector ALake Crabtree County Park
1,177 ft-6 ft
Connector BLake Crabtree County Park
972 ft-4 ft
Connector CLake Crabtree County Park
1,733 ft-41 ft
Connector ELake Crabtree County Park
2,025 ft-64 ft
Crab Tree NorthLake Crabtree County Park
4.5 miles-794 ft
Crow Branch Overlook LoopCarolina North Forest
3.2 miles-226 ft
Drop ZoneBeaver Dam State Recreation Area
3,509 ft-100 ft
Duke Energy CorridorCarolina North Forest
4,337 ft-123 ft
East LoopLittle River Park
2.9 miles-425 ft
Easy StreetNewlight Trails
3,126 ft-59 ft
First LoopNewlight Trails
1.8 miles-309 ft
Governor's CreekGovernor's Creek
5.3 miles-713 ft
Graylyn TrailWilliam B. Umstead State Park
1.7 miles-118 ft
Harvey's Pond TrailLegend Park
1,280 ft-72 ft
Hog Run (Advanced)Harris Lake County Park
3.0 miles-362 ft
Hog Run (Beginner)Harris Lake County Park
3,423 ft-33 ft
Hog Run (Intermediate)Harris Lake County Park
1.9 miles-155 ft
Howard's ConnectorNewlight Trails
1,063 ft-6 ft
HucksvilleLegend Park
562 ft-22 ft
Inner LoopBeaver Dam State Recreation Area
1.0 miles-124 ft
Jump Line 1Lake Crabtree County Park
729 ft-15 ft
Jump Line 2Lake Crabtree County Park
556 ft-4 ft
Lake Crabtree Loop (Loop 1)Lake Crabtree County Park
2.1 miles-227 ft
Lake DownfallNewlight Trails
1.2 miles-222 ft
Lake TrailLake Crabtree County Park
1.2 miles-150 ft
Larry's LoopLegend Park
2,530 ft-83 ft
Long LoopLegend Park
1,495 ft-52 ft
Loop 2Lake Crabtree County Park
2,137 ft-42 ft
Loop 3Lake Crabtree County Park
2,241 ft-49 ft
Loop 4Lake Crabtree County Park
1.2 miles-154 ft
Loop 5Lake Crabtree County Park
2,515 ft-40 ft
Loop 6Lake Crabtree County Park
1,268 ft-51 ft
Lowlands LoopCarolina North Forest
1.7 miles-212 ft
Magnolias RunLegend Park
1.3 miles-289 ft
Main TrailLegend Park
1,703 ft-46 ft
Main TrailLegend Park
2,290 ft-90 ft
Main TrailNewlight Trails
1.1 miles-74 ft
MaytagCarolina North Forest
3,618 ft-105 ft
Neverland LoopsCarolina North Forest
3.6 miles-221 ft
4.7 miles-279 ft
North Turkey Creek TrailWilliam B. Umstead State Park
2.5 miles-233 ft
Occoneechee LoopCarolina North Forest
2.3 miles-186 ft
Outer LoopBeaver Dam State Recreation Area
2.4 miles-278 ft
OWASA CorridorCarolina North Forest
2.2 miles-99 ft
Pump TrackLake Crabtree County Park
284 ft-3 ft
Pumpkin LoopCarolina North Forest
2.3 miles-160 ft
Reedy Creek Lake Trail ConnectorWilliam B. Umstead State Park
3,397 ft-159 ft
Reedy Creek TrailWilliam B. Umstead State Park
4.6 miles-299 ft
Research Triangle Park LoopResearch Triangle Park
3.2 miles-280 ft
San-LeeSan-Lee Park
7.6 miles-714 ft
Short LoopLegend Park
2,571 ft-48 ft
Sig's LoopNewlight Trails
2.1 miles-413 ft
Sig's Loop ConnectorNewlight Trails
1,023 ft-42 ft
South LoopBeaver Dam State Recreation Area
6.4 miles-898 ft
South Turkey Creek TrailWilliam B. Umstead State Park
1.7 miles-204 ft
The GuantletNewlight Trails
1.1 miles-196 ft
The VineCarolina North Forest
1.0 miles-117 ft
Tripp FarmCarolina North Forest
1.1 miles-104 ft
Way In Way OutNewlight Trails
4,952 ft-157 ft
Way In Way Out BypassNewlight Trails
2,190 ft-56 ft
West LoopLittle River Park
1.5 miles-123 ft
West LoopBeaver Dam State Recreation Area
2.1 miles-240 ft
WormholeCarolina North Forest
3.3 miles-379 ft
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