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2 Bee LineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
3,596 ft-331 ft
Airstrip DriveAkatarawa Forest Park
5,177 ft-332 ft
Bee LineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,411 ft-192 ft
Bees 2 BridgeTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,858 ft-327 ft
Big Ring BoulevardAkatarawa Forest Park
3.0 miles-1,061 ft
BoobiesAkatarawa Forest Park
2.1 miles-1,165 ft
BrazilianTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,692 ft-171 ft
Cannon Point roadTotara Park
1.4 miles-355 ft
Cannon point walkwayTotara Park
2,793 ft-72 ft
Co-OpAkatarawa Forest Park
1.8 miles-691 ft
Co-Op ExtensionAkatarawa Forest Park
1.1 miles-469 ft
DeadwoodAkatarawa Forest Park
4.5 miles-961 ft
Devils StaircaseAkatarawa Forest Park
1.1 miles-20 ft
DopersAkatarawa Forest Park
1.7 miles-228 ft
Flow-KKaitoke Regional Park
3,874 ft-219 ft
G-DropTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,873 ft-203 ft
Goat RockTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
3.0 miles-908 ft
Hukinga ClearningAkatarawa Forest Park
4,568 ft-162 ft
Hydro Valley RoadAkatarawa Forest Park
2.5 miles-232 ft
Kaitoke CoasterKaitoke Regional Park
1.3 miles-214 ft
Kaitoke PinesKaitoke Regional Park
4,344 ft-133 ft
Kaitoke PylonTotara Park
2,456 ft-217 ft
Karapoti GorgeAkatarawa Forest Park
2.6 miles-572 ft
Macaskill LookoutTotara Park
1,641 ft-99 ft
Mangaroa TunnelTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
5,013 ft-221 ft
Maymorn LoopTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
3,895 ft-116 ft
McGhiesAkatarawa Forest Park
1.2 miles-360 ft
Mt ClimieTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
3.6 miles-269 ft
Mt Climie firebreakTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
3,817 ft-227 ft
Norms CrossingAkatarawa Forest Park
4,533 ft-276 ft
Old Railway LineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
2.0 miles-406 ft
Perhams RdAkatarawa Forest Park
3.6 miles-667 ft
Plateau RidgeTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1.5 miles-666 ft
Pram TrackAkatarawa Forest Park
2.9 miles-1,422 ft
Rimutuka InclineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
9.8 miles-3,083 ft
Rock GardenAkatarawa Forest Park
4,237 ft-590 ft
Station LinkTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
2,287 ft-144 ft
TaniwhaTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
2,999 ft-330 ft
TG Trail 2 (needs a name)Tunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
687 ft-55 ft
TG Trail 3 (needs a name)Tunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
354 ft-65 ft
TG Trail 3 (needs a name)Tunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,201 ft-117 ft
Three SkullsTotara Park
1,215 ft-162 ft
TitiAkatarawa Forest Park
3.6 miles-876 ft
Valley View Rd from Cannon Point to Airstrip DrAkatarawa Forest Park
1.3 miles-75 ft
Valley View Rd from McGhies to Airstrip DrAkatarawa Forest Park
1.9 miles-105 ft
Valley View Road to Cannon PointTotara Park
2.9 miles-232 ft
Warm up ClimbAkatarawa Forest Park
3.0 miles-558 ft
Woolshed RoadAkatarawa Forest Park
1.7 miles-669 ft
Zig ZagTotara Park
1.1 miles-982 ft
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