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2nd HelpingValemount Bike Park
1,199 ft-14 ft
A Railway Runs Through ItCrooked Creek Recreation Area
2.7 miles-186 ft
Ale Trail to TownValemount Bike Park
4,621 ft-347 ft
Andreas' DownhillValemount Bike Park
3,523 ft-927 ft
Bacon by NDITValemount Bike Park
1.1 miles-653 ft
Beaver Brush TraverseValemount Bike Park
3.1 miles-148 ft
Beetle BomberCrooked Creek Recreation Area
2.0 miles-13 ft
Buckethead ConnectorValemount Bike Park
345 ft-28 ft
Camp Creek ConnectorCanoe River West Offroad Area
6.1 miles-243 ft
Canoe Mountain Ridge TraverseCamp Creek Trail Area
3,993 ft-87 ft
Canoe Mountain TraverseCamp Creek Trail Area
4.5 miles-534 ft
Canoe Mountain Upper TraverseCamp Creek Trail Area
1.6 miles-435 ft
Canoe River Delta TrailCanoe River West Offroad Area
3.1 miles-87 ft
Canoodle ConnectorCamp Creek Trail Area
2.0 miles-483 ft
Climb out or ride inValemount Bike Park
4,930 ft-307 ft
Connector to Bacon Flow (Downhill)Valemount Bike Park
3,110 ft-182 ft
Cranberry BanzaiWestridge Trail Area
2.4 miles-875 ft
Cranberry Bushwhack DHWestridge Trail Area
1,622 ft-48 ft
Cranberry Camp ConnectorWestridge Trail Area
4.4 miles-88 ft
Cranberry Creek ClimbWestridge Trail Area
1.3 miles-82 ft
Cranberry CutlineWestridge Trail Area
5.2 miles-917 ft
Cranberry Cutline ConnectorWestridge Trail Area
1,013 ft
Cranberry GulchWestridge Trail Area
3,994 ft-103 ft
Cranberry JamWestridge Trail Area
2.2 miles-288 ft
Cranberry JellyWestridge Trail Area
1.7 miles-105 ft
Cranberry JuicerWestridge Trail Area
3.5 miles-224 ft
Cranberry KerplungeWestridge Trail Area
2.4 miles-233 ft
Cranberry Marsh North
1.7 miles-65 ft
Cranberry Marsh South
2.9 miles-112 ft
Cranberry Pie DownhillWestridge Trail Area
3,885 ft-10 ft
Cranberry StumpjumperWestridge Trail Area
2,516 ft-124 ft
Crooked Fork DownhillCrooked Creek Recreation Area
1.1 miles-220 ft
Crookedy CutlineCrooked Creek Recreation Area
4.2 miles-517 ft
Flats Bushwacker DHJackman Flats Park Area
1,207 ft-374 ft
Flats Jackman TraverseJackman Flats Park Area
3.6 miles-416 ft
Flats Jackman Upper TraverseJackman Flats Park Area
4.5 miles-320 ft
InversionValemount Bike Park
4,596 ft-38 ft
Kinney Lake Trail
8.4 miles-2,332 ft
Lazy Sunday on Crooked CreekCrooked Creek Recreation Area
2.9 miles-137 ft
Lily Meadows Lower TraverseCanoe River West Offroad Area
5.1 miles-1,550 ft
Lily Meadows TrailCanoe River West Offroad Area
3.4 miles-795 ft
Little Lost Lake Trail
1.8 miles-674 ft
Little Spruce LoopsCrooked Creek Recreation Area
3.7 miles-94 ft
McKirdy Meadows TrailValemount Bike Park
2.9 miles-449 ft
Meadow LakeValemount Bike Park
4,703 ft-84 ft
Meadow Lake Chute
1,853 ft-240 ft
Meadow Lake Traverse
1.1 miles-355 ft
Mica Mountain ClimbCrooked Creek Recreation Area
1.2 miles-5 ft
Mica Mountain Mine TrailCrooked Creek Recreation Area
3.4 miles-766 ft
Mica Ridge Epic DHCrooked Creek Recreation Area
3.6 miles-2,627 ft
Mid DH ConnectorValemount Bike Park
2,765 ft-9 ft
Mount Terry Fox TrailJackman Flats Park Area
9.5 miles-7,355 ft
Mount Trudeau TrailWestridge Trail Area
1.9 miles-151 ft
Mt Fitzwilliam Trail
8.5 miles-3,613 ft
North Swift Creek RerouteValemount Bike Park
2,670 ft-73 ft
North Swift Reroute 2Valemount Bike Park
917 ft
North Thompson Oxbows Manteau Provincial Park SouthWestridge Trail Area
11.3 miles-1,066 ft
Old Swift CreekValemount Bike Park
3.9 miles-493 ft
Overlander Falls Trail
1.7 miles-345 ft
Packsaddle Creek NorthCanoe River West Offroad Area
1.3 miles-338 ft
Packsaddle Creek SouthCanoe River West Offroad Area
1.5 miles-166 ft
Piggly Wiggly
2.4 miles-46 ft
Poker RunValemount Bike Park
2.9 miles-571 ft
Provincial Climbing Trail From StagingValemount Bike Park
3,463 ft-299 ft
Provincial Trail DescentValemount Bike Park
3,413 ft-268 ft
Red Pass Pipeliner
8.3 miles-905 ft
Ride In to Lower DHValemount Bike Park
1.3 miles-246 ft
Selwyn Traverse TrailValemount Bike Park
6.8 miles-2,155 ft
Skeedaddle ConnectorValemount Bike Park
290 ft-30 ft
SubversionValemount Bike Park
2,266 ft
Swift Creek #6Valemount Bike Park
3,350 ft-12 ft
Swift Creek Southern TraverseValemount Bike Park
1.5 miles-382 ft
Swift Creek Tech ZoneValemount Bike Park
3,281 ft-213 ft
Swift Mountain ConnectorValemount Bike Park
383 ft-47 ft
Swift Mountain Summit Trail
1.0 miles-41 ft
Swift Mountain Whistler
3,840 ft-33 ft
Swift Mtn Parking ConnectorValemount Bike Park
539 ft-10 ft
Technically StumpeeValemount Bike Park
3,004 ft-108 ft
The Gulch DHValemount Bike Park
611 ft-72 ft
The Swift DescentValemount Bike Park
4,082 ft-597 ft
Tinfoil Hat DHValemount Bike Park
1.4 miles-1,016 ft
TurduckenValemount Bike Park
5,194 ft-1,360 ft
Westridge Cabin TrailWestridge Trail Area
4,126 ft
Westridge Swamp TrailWestridge Trail Area
4.6 miles-1,397 ft
Westridge Zags ClimbWestridge Trail Area
6.4 miles-583 ft
Yellowhead Mountain Trail
4.1 miles-43 ft
Yellowjacks FattyJackman Flats Park Area
7.8 miles-362 ft
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