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#24 ConnectorPartridge Hills
751 ft-22 ft
29 and 27Partridge Hills
905 ft-15 ft
backyard boogieNicklaus East Park
1,062 ft-152 ft
Bear Mountain Canada Cup DownhillThetis Lake Regional Park
4,167 ft-342 ft
Bellamy to Scafe LoopThetis Lake Regional Park
1,648 ft-1 ft
1,155 ft
Birth ControlHartland
3,445 ft-260 ft
BluemallowThetis Lake Regional Park
3,557 ft-76 ft
Bottom FeederHartland
910 ft-94 ft
1,893 ft-129 ft
Bubble WrapHartland
2.2 miles-741 ft
Bubble Wrap (North West)Hartland
1,486 ft-66 ft
Bubble Wrap (South West)Hartland
1,263 ft-46 ft
2,203 ft-107 ft
Canada Cup TrailThetis Lake Regional Park
1.4 miles-385 ft
CastlehedgeThetis Lake Regional Park
1,016 ft-11 ft
3,538 ft-35 ft
Crazy HorseHartland
930 ft-40 ft
2,677 ft-59 ft
Danger TrailPartridge Hills
1.2 miles-556 ft
Danger Trail SouthPartridge Hills
1,532 ft-89 ft
Daryl's DiveHartland
716 ft-46 ft
Dave's DementiaHartland
297 ft-7 ft
Dave's LineHartland
3,127 ft-188 ft
Dirt FallsHartland
Durrance Lake Trail WestPartridge Hills
1,435 ft
East Side SpurPartridge Hills
1,527 ft-109 ft
East Viewpoint TrailPartridge Hills
456 ft-158 ft
Easy RiderHartland
441 ft-2 ft
ErihavenThetis Lake Regional Park
528 ft-10 ft
Executive WestHartland
2,190 ft-98 ft
FairedgeThetis Lake Regional Park
1,744 ft-38 ft
Falling SatellitesHartland
Fire DrillHartland
1,130 ft-28 ft
Fizzle Lake TrailThetis Lake Regional Park
1.1 miles-158 ft
Frank's TrailThetis Lake Regional Park
3,840 ft-123 ft
Frisbee Course DHPartridge Hills
3,296 ft-631 ft
Fun TrailHartland
3,930 ft-287 ft
Georges Trip DHPartridge Hills
4,574 ft-593 ft
Get WetHartland
268 ft-10 ft
Green RibbonHartland
1,274 ft-209 ft
1.6 miles-709 ft
GuardrailPartridge Hills
2,409 ft-368 ft
Harem ScaremHartland
697 ft-21 ft
Hazlitt Creek TrailHartland
3,240 ft-106 ft
Heads UpHartland
549 ft-35 ft
Hot CherryHartland
3,396 ft-338 ft
1,119 ft-63 ft
Jelly RollHartland
1,351 ft-111 ft
Joe's BermsPartridge Hills
1,220 ft-167 ft
Killarney WestHartland
2,165 ft-5 ft
Kokanee HighwayHartland
Lazy LineHartland
1,793 ft-13 ft
3.2 miles-1,088 ft
Lemmings RunHartland
LighthouseThetis Lake Regional Park
5,101 ft-23 ft
Little FaceHartland
2,303 ft-158 ft
Lone Tree BacksideHartland
1.3 miles-465 ft
Lost TrailHartland
934 ft-42 ft
Lumpy PantsHartland
765 ft-156 ft
1,354 ft-2 ft
Merge 2 UrgePartridge Hills
874 ft-4 ft
1,602 ft-201 ft
4,323 ft-186 ft
Mother HuckerHartland
422 ft-85 ft
Munn, Legend, Mons PlateauHartland
1.3 miles-71 ft
N TrailHartland
474 ft-24 ft
New Little Face TrailHartland
1,190 ft-24 ft
Nicklaus No BikesNicklaus East Park
2,093 ft-276 ft
Night ShiftHartland
2,259 ft-219 ft
Nineties Night1Partridge Hills
1,151 ft-98 ft
Nineties Night2Partridge Hills
453 ft-52 ft
3,315 ft-268 ft
Northridge DHHartland
1,301 ft-243 ft
Northridge Fall LineHartland
1,435 ft-336 ft
NorthWest DHPartridge Hills
1,202 ft-89 ft
NW Summit TrailPartridge Hills
676 ft-22 ft
Old PayoffHartland
2,284 ft-58 ft
Old Payoff ConnectorHartland
544 ft-4 ft
old skirt power line entranceNicklaus East Park
2,782 ft-79 ft
One less carHartland
988 ft-49 ft
Orange CrushHartland
Organ DonorHartland
1,526 ft-255 ft
Partridge #23Partridge Hills
568 ft-75 ft
Partridge #24Partridge Hills
1,460 ft-185 ft
Partridge #25Partridge Hills
391 ft-21 ft
Partridge #26Partridge Hills
627 ft-11 ft
Partridge #35Partridge Hills
1,887 ft-54 ft
Phase TwoHartland
1,894 ft-87 ft
Phelps ConnectorThetis Lake Regional Park
3,618 ft-23 ft
Phelps TrailThetis Lake Regional Park
2,379 ft-68 ft
Plunge ExtensionHartland
Push UpHartland
1,325 ft-12 ft
Raven RidgeHartland
3,648 ft-110 ft
Red back trailPartridge Hills
1,528 ft-524 ft
1,076 ft-46 ft
Rock BottomHartland
572 ft-47 ft
Rolly RidgeHartland
1,678 ft-76 ft
RR/SidewinderPartridge Hills
3,035 ft-147 ft
1,432 ft-32 ft
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