Central Plateau To Eastern Slope
1.4 miles-84 ft
Cockscomb Connector
1,340 ft-103 ft
Cockscomb Lower to Iron Horse Loop
1.4 miles-65 ft
Cockscomb Trail (lower)
1.4 miles-89 ft
Cockscomb Trail (upper)
2,883 ft-46 ft
1.4 miles-10 ft
1.4 miles-6 ft
1.4 miles-37 ft
Eastern Slope Dead End
1,799 ft-66 ft
Eroded Downhill
2,149 ft-285 ft
Eroded Downhill #2
1,799 ft-168 ft
Gault Rd To 897 Parking
1.4 miles-301 ft
Gault Road To Private Property
1.4 miles-63 ft
Gault To Tower
1.4 miles-46 ft
Good Luck Finding It Trail Connector
1.4 miles-40 ft
Money Rocks Connector
1,799 ft-21 ft
Money Rocks Overlook Trail
2,031 ft-19 ft
Outward Slope
1,383 ft-75 ft
Parking To Eroded Downhill
1.4 miles-53 ft
Private Property Avoider
1.4 miles-11 ft
Private Property Avoider Connector
691 ft-26 ft
Quarry Grade
1,603 ft
Quarry Grade Lower To Middle
1,799 ft-12 ft
Quarry Rail Grade (Ironhorse Loop Upper)
1.4 miles-112 ft
Rail Grade Quarry To Briertown
1.4 miles-79 ft
Ridge Connector
1,799 ft-31 ft
Ridge Connector Middle
1,799 ft-23 ft
Ridge Top Trail
1.4 miles-164 ft
Slightly Less Eroded Downhill
2,149 ft-269 ft
Spring Road
2,600 ft-73 ft
Tower To Creek (eroded)
1.4 miles-203 ft
Twisty Corner
1,799 ft-113 ft
Untitled Path
1.4 miles-26 ft
Untitled Path
1.4 miles-72 ft
Untitled Path
1.4 miles-104 ft
Welsh Mountain South (center Connector)
1.4 miles-23 ft
Western Dead End
1,603 ft-71 ft
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