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13 Steps to DoomSvoboda Road
1,358 ft-454 ft
1.3 miles-816 ft
49er LowerBlewett
4,824 ft-422 ft
719Mountain Station
1,213 ft-361 ft
9 Point CowbellMountain Station
1,890 ft-601 ft
Abiotic Factor
1.1 miles-991 ft
Access LuckyGiveout and Gold Creek
1,847 ft-8 ft
Alamo Wagon RdIdaho Peak
4.1 miles-2,963 ft
1.1 miles-124 ft
AntlerSmallwood Creek
1.3 miles-379 ft
Atomic Speed GoatMountain Station
902 ft-294 ft
AwesomeMalde Creek
4,577 ft-408 ft
Back Door ManSvoboda Road
1,757 ft-555 ft
BadgerMountain Station
1.0 miles-617 ft
Baldface Peak TrailShannon Pass
4,813 ft-166 ft
Bear's DenGiveout and Gold Creek
2,529 ft-431 ft
BedframeMorning Mountain
2.0 miles-2,162 ft
Biathlon Loop ConnectorNeptune Creek
2,564 ft-10 ft
BigwoodSmallwood Creek
1.6 miles-1,164 ft
Black BearDowntown Rossland
1,008 ft-40 ft
Bluffs LoopTrail Bluffs
1.7 miles-448 ft
Bone HeadMountain Station
394 ft-147 ft
2,599 ft-357 ft
BoneyardMountain Station
2,250 ft-587 ft
Born AgainMorning Mountain
1,868 ft-233 ft
Bottoms UpMorning Mountain
1.4 miles-64 ft
BSNeptune Creek
4,459 ft-576 ft
Burl IvesGiveout and Gold Creek
3,280 ft-915 ft
Butter (lower)Rosebery
2.3 miles-1,706 ft
Butter (upper)Rosebery
2.3 miles-1,221 ft
C&W Rail Trail - Paulson to Castlegar
30.4 miles-4,289 ft
CalderaRed Mountain
926 ft-56 ft
Caldera ConnectorRed Mountain
450 ft-22 ft
Cemetery (lower)Monte Christo - KC
2,155 ft-57 ft
Cemetery (upper)Monte Christo - KC
4,833 ft-570 ft
Centennial TrailRed Mountain
1.8 miles-307 ft
Centre Star Gulch (lower)Downtown Rossland
730 ft-61 ft
Centre Star Gulch (upper)Downtown Rossland
1,517 ft-1 ft
Charlston Connector (lower)Downtown Rossland
429 ft-62 ft
Charlston Connector (upper)Downtown Rossland
450 ft-57 ft
Cherry BowlShannon Pass
1.0 miles-1,371 ft
Cherry PoppinsMalde Creek
1.2 miles-1,085 ft
ChoicesIdaho Peak
1.6 miles-2,275 ft
Climbing Trail 2Nelson's North Shore
2,469 ft-196 ft
Coffee RunMonte Christo - KC
3,763 ft-263 ft
COGNeptune Creek
1,577 ft-55 ft
Columbia Trail
5.2 miles-614 ft
Confluence TrailSelkirk College
1.2 miles-163 ft
ConnectorMorning Mountain
220 ft-20 ft
Crown Point (lower)Malde Creek
1.6 miles-1,140 ft
Crown Point (upper)Malde Creek
2,009 ft-187 ft
CrowsnestSmallwood Creek
1.2 miles-102 ft
Dewdney (Lower)Rossland Range
1.3 miles-953 ft
Dewdney (Upper)Rossland Range
2.0 miles-1,227 ft
Dirty DreamsRialto
2,959 ft-572 ft
Discovery Centre TrailSelkirk College
3,655 ft-106 ft
Dole DosserMountain Station
1,510 ft-393 ft
Doukhobor ConnectorMalde Creek
3,121 ft-46 ft
Doukhobor DrawMalde Creek
2.2 miles-846 ft
Doz SlabsNelson's North Shore
2,676 ft-301 ft
Drake's (lower)Malde Creek
1,987 ft-8 ft
Drake's (upper)Malde Creek
1.6 miles-374 ft
DreadheadRed Mountain
3,706 ft-1,151 ft
DrifterRed Mountain
1,617 ft-28 ft
DrifterSalmo Ski Area
4,952 ft-1,087 ft
Droptimus PrimeBox Lake
2,743 ft-596 ft
East Access Trail
1.5 miles-1,064 ft
Eat my BrainMonte Christo - KC
168 ft-35 ft
Eddie JMonte Christo - KC
1.2 miles-308 ft
1.1 miles-391 ft
Eli SimMountain Station
4,119 ft-889 ft
Eli Sim To Rail TrailMountain Station
984 ft-296 ft
EurekaRed Mountain
1,470 ft-154 ft
ExpressoMountain Station
3,509 ft-71 ft
Fat ChanceMountain Station
1,965 ft-394 ft
Five Knuckle HuckleMountain Station
1,264 ft-320 ft
Flagpole View
2,602 ft-67 ft
Frog JamSvoboda Road
3,923 ft-65 ft
Full MonteMonte Christo - KC
1.2 miles-628 ft
Galena Fork Option (2.6 Km)
1.5 miles-503 ft
Galena TrailIdaho Peak
3.0 miles-730 ft
Galena Trail
3,786 ft-85 ft
Gibbard'sNeptune Creek
4.3 miles-161 ft
Glade RunnerNelson's North Shore
2,434 ft-475 ft
Gold RushGiveout and Gold Creek
1.1 miles-950 ft
Goldie HeightsGiveout and Gold Creek
3,555 ft-243 ft
GoldmemberGiveout and Gold Creek
1.5 miles-1,635 ft
Goose Creek Trail
3.5 miles-2,649 ft
5.2 miles-3,358 ft
1.2 miles-1,030 ft
Green Door (upper)Monte Christo - KC
1.6 miles-942 ft
H RoadIdaho Peak
4.0 miles-235 ft
Hail MerryMerry Creek
5,231 ft-721 ft
Happy ValleyMonte Christo - KC
1,780 ft-127 ft
HematomaGiveout and Gold Creek
1,761 ft-276 ft
HighballerGiveout and Gold Creek
2,044 ft-146 ft
Hippie KillerSvoboda Road
2,175 ft-843 ft
HitmanNelson's North Shore
1.1 miles-1,071 ft
Hitman LowerNelson's North Shore
3,698 ft-392 ft
HoneyMountain Station
766 ft-1 ft
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