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2 Crew LiveBlue Mountain Reservation
5,158 ft-129 ft
? Unknown2 ?Sprain Ridge Park
1,447 ft-67 ft
? Unknown3 ?Sprain Ridge Park
458 ft-29 ft
Arthur's Ramble-Yellow[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
3,037 ft-68 ft
Bailey'sBlue Mountain Reservation
1,164 ft-107 ft
Bean's loopSprain Ridge Park
1,102 ft-61 ft
Beginner LoopGraham Hills Park
1,857 ft-46 ft
Beginner Loop (full)Graham Hills Park
2,925 ft-60 ft
Beginner TrailSprain Ridge Park
4,732 ft-138 ft
Beginner Trail bypassSprain Ridge Park
926 ft-24 ft
BlueGraham Hills Park
3.5 miles-634 ft
Blue/White (connector)Graham Hills Park
1,251 ft-92 ft
Boulder Ridge-Blue[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
4,659 ft-176 ft
BoulderdashGraham Hills Park
3,264 ft-167 ft
Bruno's Run-Red[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
1.2 miles-184 ft
ChewbaccaBlue Mountain Reservation
921 ft-35 ft
Circle de SoleilYorktown
1,747 ft-50 ft
Circolara-White[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
1.2 miles-123 ft
Criss-CrossBlue Mountain Reservation
2,018 ft-62 ft
DebacleBlue Mountain Reservation
1.6 miles-432 ft
DisneylandGraham Hills Park
1,426 ft-54 ft
Dr. JekyllBlue Mountain Reservation
2.1 miles-294 ft
El CapitanBlue Mountain Reservation
3,371 ft-131 ft
Eric's Over the LogSprain Ridge Park
3,574 ft-113 ft
EsscapadeBlue Mountain Reservation
901 ft-85 ft
EssplanadeBlue Mountain Reservation
2,192 ft-176 ft
FlowBlue Mountain Reservation
2,302 ft-34 ft
Giant Boulder-Blue[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
1,959 ft-3 ft
Granite Knolls-Green[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
4,563 ft-91 ft
Grant Lookout[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
1,331 ft-95 ft
Happy Ending-Orange[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
1,718 ft-88 ft
High Quarry[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
1.1 miles-286 ft
hillside woodsHastings On Hudson
2.1 miles-445 ft
Hip-HopBlue Mountain Reservation
1,337 ft-84 ft
Hunter Brook Trail[Yorktown Trails] Woodlands Legacy Fields Park
2,364 ft-56 ft
La CucarachaSprain Ridge Park
2,499 ft-108 ft
Legacy Trail[Yorktown Trails] Woodlands Legacy Fields Park
1,555 ft-59 ft
Lost BridgeBlue Mountain Reservation
1,317 ft-38 ft
Lost Bridge (connector)Blue Mountain Reservation
375 ft-1 ft
Lower SISBlue Mountain Reservation
2,106 ft-145 ft
Maggie's WayIrvington Woods
1,776 ft-172 ft
Meadow (green)Graham Hills Park
1,937 ft-86 ft
Meadow connector (green)Graham Hills Park
328 ft-54 ft
Meadow connector 2 (green)Graham Hills Park
263 ft-25 ft
Motor/Snaggle connectorGraham Hills Park
816 ft-7 ft
MotorcycleGraham Hills Park
2,765 ft-295 ft
My Favorite TrailBlue Mountain Reservation
4,284 ft-243 ft
Myx Monster (lower)Blue Mountain Reservation
3,166 ft-48 ft
Myx Monster (upper)Blue Mountain Reservation
2.2 miles-501 ft
Ned's Left LungBlue Mountain Reservation
2,166 ft-20 ft
No Way JoseSprain Ridge Park
1.0 miles-210 ft
No Way Jose connector (to "REI Trails")Sprain Ridge Park
1,276 ft-20 ft
North Brothers LoopSprain Ridge Park
1.2 miles-278 ft
Old Farm[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
3,255 ft-43 ft
On Your BackBlue Mountain Reservation
2,152 ft-16 ft
OrangeGraham Hills Park
2,216 ft-263 ft
Parkway Trail[Yorktown Trails] Woodlands Legacy Fields Park
3,843 ft-114 ft
Pink 1 (from lot)Graham Hills Park
3,323 ft-88 ft
Pink 2Graham Hills Park
1,733 ft-126 ft
Pink connector 1Graham Hills Park
102 ft-21 ft
Primary ConnectorSaxon Woods Park
3,506 ft-57 ft
Quarry Drive entrance[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
342 ft-14 ft
RamblerBlue Mountain Reservation
1.1 miles-290 ft
RedGraham Hills Park
2,959 ft-335 ft
Red (connector)Graham Hills Park
448 ft-11 ft
Ring[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
1,508 ft-19 ft
S Car GoSprain Ridge Park
2,765 ft-119 ft
Seminary Ridge[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
1,531 ft-25 ft
Skull TwistSprain Ridge Park
1,706 ft-78 ft
Snaggle (blue)Graham Hills Park
2,088 ft-274 ft
Snake Hill[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
4,254 ft-166 ft
South Loop ("REI Trails")Sprain Ridge Park
4,292 ft-181 ft
South Loop connector (to "REI Trails")Sprain Ridge Park
612 ft-51 ft
Southern Flavor (Lower)Glenville Woods
1,647 ft-96 ft
Southern Flavor (Upper)Glenville Woods
3,152 ft-89 ft
Southern Flavor connectorGlenville Woods
2,053 ft-149 ft
Sprain Slick RockSprain Ridge Park
2,996 ft-80 ft
Stark Hollow-Yellow[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
1,138 ft-68 ft
Stinger (lower)Blue Mountain Reservation
835 ft-89 ft
Stinger (middle)Blue Mountain Reservation
2,664 ft-109 ft
Stinger (Upper)Blue Mountain Reservation
4,900 ft-196 ft
Strang Trail[Yorktown Trails] Woodlands Legacy Fields Park
2,714 ft-69 ft
SwitchbackBlue Mountain Reservation
4,023 ft-58 ft
Sylvan Brook[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
2,058 ft-92 ft
Sylvan Glen[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
1.3 miles-153 ft
Taconic Bridge Trail (Sylvan)[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
3,554 ft-70 ft
Taconic Bridge Trail (Woodlands Legacy)[Yorktown Trails] Woodlands Legacy Fields Park
1,257 ft-2 ft
Taconic Bridge-Pink (Granite Knolls)[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
5,136 ft-127 ft
Thompson Trail Ext. ("Old Moto")Sprain Ridge Park
1,680 ft-135 ft
Thruway TrailSprain Ridge Park
1,807 ft-54 ft
Triple DropSprain Ridge Park
101 ft-15 ft
TumbleweedGraham Hills Park
2.0 miles-640 ft
Turtle Pond[Yorktown Trails] Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
4,739 ft-160 ft
UpDraft (yellow)Graham Hills Park
1.0 miles-135 ft
Upper SISBlue Mountain Reservation
4,550 ft-136 ft
Valley TrailSprain Ridge Park
999 ft-83 ft
Vinny's left collarboneGraham Hills Park
1,635 ft-302 ft
WhiteGraham Hills Park
4,979 ft-250 ft
Woodlands Trail[Yorktown Trails] Woodlands Legacy Fields Park
3,862 ft-139 ft
YangBlue Mountain Reservation
2,073 ft-50 ft
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