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01B Canning Campsite - Albany Hwy
34.7 miles-3,686 ft
02A Albany Hwy - Swamp Oak Campsite
47.6 miles-4,871 ft
02B Swamp Oak Campsite - Harvey Quindanning Road
29.1 miles-4,080 ft
03A Harvey Quindanning Road - Narembeen Road
22.3 miles-1,751 ft
03B Narembeen Road - Noggerup Campsite
34.9 miles-3,309 ft
04A Noggerup Campsite - Hay Road
30.7 miles-3,027 ft
04B Hay Road - Meldrum Road
36.0 miles-3,688 ft
05A Meldrum Road - Staircase Road
38.8 miles-5,276 ft
05B Staircase Road - Middleton Road
47.8 miles-5,532 ft
06A Middleton Road - Dog Road
34.8 miles-2,683 ft
06B Dog Road - Woolbales Campsite
27.9 miles-2,068 ft
07A Woolbales Campsite - Boxhall Road
37.9 miles-3,951 ft
07B Boxhall Road - William Bay Campsite
48.5 miles-4,510 ft
08A William Bay Campsite - Shepherds Lagoon Road
41.6 miles-3,350 ft
08A2 Pelican Point
4.5 miles-185 ft
08B Shepherds Lagoon Road - Albany
29.6 miles-3,328 ft
10 Mile Brook TrailGreater Margaret River
1.8 miles-92 ft
3 BearsKalamunda Trails
2,387 ft-40 ft
4X TrailGoat Farm Mountain Bike Park
1,531 ft-142 ft
A-KlineGoat Farm Mountain Bike Park
1,846 ft-166 ft
Albany DownhillMt. Clarence
2,522 ft-257 ft
AlchemyKalamunda Trails
4,819 ft-280 ft
Ankle BitersPemberton Mountain Bike Park
1,384 ft-57 ft
Aunt LouThe Pines
4,051 ft-182 ft
Back TrackPemberton Mountain Bike Park
673 ft-20 ft
Bear GryllsThe Pines
3,477 ft-76 ft
Beginners LoopForsyth Mill
3.2 miles-22 ft
Beginning at The EndThe Pines
1,442 ft-26 ft
Bibbulmun Kalamunda - Canning Campsite
47.3 miles-6,364 ft
Black and BluePemberton Mountain Bike Park
1,248 ft-78 ft
Bloody MaryPemberton Mountain Bike Park
2,822 ft-236 ft
Blue CruiserGoat Farm Mountain Bike Park
3.7 miles-688 ft
Boylan TrailMt Lennard
4.1 miles-1,348 ft
Brand New Second HandKalamunda Trails
4,219 ft-13 ft
Brides NightyThe Creek Trails
1,330 ft-1 ft
Brown FalconThe Pines
3,537 ft-34 ft
BullantThe Creek Trails
1,312 ft-54 ft
Butcher TrailMt Lennard
2.0 miles-416 ft
Button’s FallLangford Park
2.2 miles-71 ft
CamakaziKalamunda Trails
2.5 miles-437 ft
Camel RunKalamunda Trails
1,991 ft-91 ft
Classic CreekThe Creek Trails
1.5 miles-168 ft
Cool RunningPemberton Mountain Bike Park
4,901 ft-225 ft
Creek TrailKalamunda Trails
2,425 ft-10 ft
Darth VaderReturn of the Jedi
3,141 ft-117 ft
Dirt JumpsThe Pines
1,072 ft-59 ft
Dirt JumpsPemberton Mountain Bike Park
639 ft-29 ft
DiscontentThe Creek Trails
2,527 ft-93 ft
Double EspressoThe Pines
1,686 ft-129 ft
Double TroubleTurner Hill
331 ft-30 ft
Down DalePemberton Mountain Bike Park
1,233 ft-66 ft
DragoKalamunda Trails
2,427 ft-11 ft
Drago/Rocky LinkKalamunda Trails
61 ft
Drop BearPemberton Mountain Bike Park
2,651 ft-160 ft
Dugite BiteGoat Farm Mountain Bike Park
3,076 ft-269 ft
Easy PeasyPemberton Mountain Bike Park
1,548 ft-90 ft
Entry TrailThe Creek Trails
3,778 ft-4 ft
F.J.Kalamunda Trails
1.7 miles-127 ft
Feral GrooveKalamunda Trails
4,348 ft-168 ft
FingertipsPemberton Mountain Bike Park
278 ft-22 ft
Flaccid AshbackKalamunda Trails
1.5 miles-227 ft
Fly Casual
1,033 ft-18 ft
Forest Moon of EndorReturn of the Jedi
3,319 ft-132 ft
Forsyths MillForsyth Mill
3.2 miles-376 ft
From the Creek to the ValleyThe Creek Trails
1,985 ft-7 ft
GoldilocksKalamunda Trails
1,303 ft-88 ft
Goobers PoolThe Creek Trails
1.1 miles-149 ft
1,412 ft-45 ft
Gravel RashGoat Farm Mountain Bike Park
2,763 ft-267 ft
Gravity Berm
Green upThe Pines
7.5 miles-18 ft
Grizzly TrailMt Lennard
4.1 miles-1,076 ft
Gunjin Scorpion linkKalamunda Trails
1,397 ft-31 ft
Half Loop LinkTurner Hill
599 ft-1 ft
Happy EndingThe Pines
2,086 ft-140 ft
Heaven and Hard WorkPemberton Mountain Bike Park
1.7 miles-407 ft
Highway to DellKalamunda Trails
2,614 ft
Horny DevilKalamunda Trails
1.2 miles-134 ft
It's a TrapReturn of the Jedi
2,743 ft-52 ft
Joeys Line & DugiteKalamunda Trails
3,534 ft-44 ft
JudderbarsKalamunda Trails
2,928 ft-191 ft
Just BecausePemberton Mountain Bike Park
704 ft-23 ft
Kangaroo Hop
5,227 ft-181 ft
Kep TrackForsyth Mill
49.3 miles-2,292 ft
LancasterKalamunda Trails
3,318 ft-139 ft
LazarusKalamunda Trails
1,990 ft-166 ft
LegitForsyth Mill
427 ft-15 ft
Lennard Half CircuitMt Lennard
4.4 miles-552 ft
Lily TrailThe Pines
3,516 ft-119 ft
LinkKalamunda Trails
361 ft
Link TrailPemberton Mountain Bike Park
1,383 ft-44 ft
Little UluruThe Creek Trails
2,269 ft-32 ft
Llama LaneWellington Mills
3,730 ft-692 ft
Loco en el CocoKalamunda Trails
4,406 ft-371 ft
Long MacchiatoThe Pines
1,377 ft-55 ft
LongshanksPemberton Mountain Bike Park
3,358 ft-207 ft
Loop TrailMiddle Earth
14.0 miles-1,135 ft
Lord of the RingsBoranup Forest
2,699 ft-93 ft
Lost n FoundKalamunda Trails
3,140 ft-19 ft
Lovers LaneLangford Park
3.1 miles-63 ft
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