1,673 ft
Along the Golf Course
1.6 miles-293 ft
Alt to Meadows
5,153 ft-254 ft
Aquaduct to Livezey Ln
2,319 ft-90 ft
Cresheim Creek NW Side
3,327 ft-219 ft
Cresheim Creek SE side
1.2 miles-220 ft
Cresheim to Valley Green Rd.
1,846 ft-143 ft
DH Woops
3,157 ft-229 ft
Down to Cresheim Creek
1,733 ft-101 ft
E. Cathedral
673 ft-17 ft
Gravel Climb to Summit
867 ft
2,789 ft-182 ft
Kitchens to Mt. Airy
2,532 ft-53 ft
Lincoln to Walnut St Bridge
4,976 ft-226 ft
Livezey to Gorgas
2,328 ft-111 ft
Meadows to Forbidden
1.3 miles-280 ft
Monster to Meadows
1,210 ft-2 ft
Park Line to Kitchens
2,894 ft-192 ft
Poop Shoot
292 ft-34 ft
Summit Ave
673 ft-12 ft
Summit to Wises
3,164 ft-80 ft
Top of Gorgas to Henry
4,739 ft-195 ft
Twisty-Turney to Summit
2,214 ft-62 ft
VG to Rex
1.1 miles-261 ft
Widow Maker
823 ft-99 ft
Wises Stub
673 ft-4 ft
Wises to Livezey
1.5 miles-309 ft
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