Auto Track Your Summits in Trailforks

Jan 23, 2023 at 13:04
by Abby Levene  

Whether you’re on a mission to tag all 58 of Colorado’s 14,000 feet peaks, ski all the summits in your state, or tally how many times you ride your local hill, you can now keep count with the Trailforks summit tracker.

Just record your rides, backcountry ski tours, or adventure of choice in the Trailforks app. We’ll document all your summits, show how you stack up against others, and unearth new places to explore.

Automatically Log Your Summits


No more need to tally your peak bagging by hand. With a database of over half a million summits around the world, Trailforks automatically detects when you’ve tagged a mountain, monroe, or hill.

All you have to do is record your ride, hike, ski, or adventure of choice in the Trailforks app, with a GPS device, or sync your activities from a third-party site. Head to your Activity Log and select “Summits” from the drop-down menu to view all the peaks you’ve bagged.

Here you’ll see the number of times you’ve tagged each peak, as well as the corresponding Activity Log for easy viewing.

Motivate with the Leaderboards


The summit tracker transcends just logging your own progress. See how you stack up on the leaderboards for most peaks bagged on foot or two wheels. Curious about the epic adventures Trailforks users are undertaking around the world? Check out the “Highest Summits Bagged in Past Month” leaderboard to see the tallest peaks people are summiting around the globe.

See which mountains get the most traffic with the “Summits with Most Ascents in the Past Month” leaderboard. Care about the number of mountains climbed more than how many miles or meters you’ve covered? Check out the “Top Hikers'' and “Top Bikers” leaderboards to see how you rank worldwide.

Discover New Mountains to Explore


The summit tracker also serves as a valuable tool for finding new peaks close to home and around the world. Find the most frequented mountains around the globe with the “Popular Summits” leaderboard.

Looking for a new place to hike this weekend? Discover peaks nearby with the “Nearby Summits” list. Check out where people are exploring today with the “Recent Summits Bagged” chart.

Track Your Summits by Joining Trailforks for Free

Start documenting your summits by creating a free Trailforks account. Download the app to record your adventures on your phone, take maps offline, and to check trail conditions on the go.

Level up your adventures by upgrading to Trailforks Pro with Outside+. You’ll unlock worldwide maps, Gaia GPS Premium, and world-class journalism from Outside, Velo News, Trail Runner, SKI, Backpacker, and more.

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