Trailforks Introduces Paid Trailforks Pro Option

Aug 31, 2020
by Trailforks  

Press Release: Trailforks Mapping Inc.

Trail mapping app Trailforks is introducing a paid option in order to continue improving its mapping and trail management capabilities.

Signup for Trailforks Pro

Trailforks was created with the goal of providing the most up-to-date and accurate trail maps available, and it has always been intended as a platform that trail builders and trail associations benefit from as well. The platform now gives millions of users access to over 300,000 trail maps for mountain biking, hiking, and other sports worldwide, as well as GPS recording, emergency location, heat maps for popular trails, Garmin basemaps, badges, and much more.

For the past five years the Trailforks team has designed, developed, supported and hosted features like trail reporting, route planning, and other mapping and management tools on our own dedicated servers. As usage has grown dramatically in the past year, we find ourselves in need of more resources to keep the current infrastructure running and to build new features for associations and users.

So today we’re announcing a new pricing structure with TRAILFORKS PRO.

We started Trailforks as primarily a trail management platform that was available as a website in a computer browser. The website remains free, as do the Trailforks trail association tools, but full access to the Trailforks App now requires a subscription. Users still can use the app for free, but will now be limited to a local area. Many other functions of the app also remain free, such as checking trail status, reports, events, contests, badges, and recording and viewing your personal ridelog. The free area is a square with 60km (38 mile) sides , which equals to 3600 square kilometers (1400 square miles) is pre-set automatically, but users can adjust this area once to their choice. It's intended to encompass their most used riding area, even if that area is far away. The map is still usable for basic navigation outside this free area, but the background and trails are greyed out with limited info.

Trailforks Pro now costs $1.49 per month (Billed Annually) for early adopters, or $2.99 per month (Billed Annually) for users who sign up afterwards. Users who sign up for Trailforks Pro before the end of September 30th receive a 50% early adopter discount forever as our way of saying thank you. Existing and new users to the app also get to use Trailforks Pro for 7 unique days.

We have tried to strike a balance between free access and a sustainable payment model. Our view is that users actively participate and contribute to Trailforks in their local areas, so that should be free. For users wanting access to Trailforks Pro worldwide, we hope they see enough value to spend the equivalent of a couple of post-ride beers at the pub.

The revenue from Trailforks Pro will enable us to hire more staff, develop additional features, and improve our infrastructure. Subscribing to Trailforks Pro is your way of supporting Trailforks and it's continued improvement and operations. With your support, we’re excited to make Trailforks even better!




What do I get with Trailforks Pro?

Trailforks Pro provides you access to all trails and features that Trailforks offers everywhere. If you travel or ride outside your local riding area you will need Trailforks Pro to explore and navigate the trails fully within the app. There are also select current and future features that will be Pro only.

- Trailforks Pro gives you worldwide access to all of Trailforks great features:
- Unlimited access to over 300,000 trail maps worldwide
- Heat maps so you can quickly figure out popular trails
- Download trail and route GPX files
- Unlimited wishlist items

Upcoming features:
- Trailforks for wearable devices
- Offline basemap download.
- Contour basemap in imperial format.
- Trail management improvements.

As new features are completed you automatically get full access as a Trailforks Pro user.

User's without Pro will have the map and trails in their app greyed out with limited info, but still visible for basic navigation.

To be clear, the website and access to maps and trail data remains free on the website. Only the map outside your free area in the Trailforks app will be greyed out unless you become a PRO subscriber.

We are excited to have more resources in the future for new features, some of which will be Pro only. But the website will remain largely unchanged and a lot of the app's functionality still works as a free user.

Is there a free version?

The Trailforks app is still free in your user customizable free area. Within this area all trails are fully accessible for free.

The app will choose your free area automatically but you can adjust this area once to your choice. The free area is a square of 60km (38 mile) sides, which equals to 3600 square kilometers (1400 square miles). This area can be positioned anywhere you like and does NOT have to be centered where you live. It's intended to encompass your most used riding area even if that area is far away from where you live.

Many other functions of the app also remain free. Such as checking trail status, reports, events, contests, badges & your personal Ridelog recording & viewing.

The trail map is only restricted in the Trailforks APP, the website maps remain free and open.

Can I still record my rides?

Yes! Ride/activity tracking still works with the free version anywhere in the world. You can also view your own rides in any region.

Can I still view race course routes?

Yes! Race organizers and participants can still load race course routes on the map, even on the free version of the app.

Can I still earn badges and participate in contests?

YES! A Pro subscription is NOT required to record your ride and earn badges or participate in contests.

How does the 50% discount work if I sign up in the first 30 days?

If you sign up and become a member in the first 30 days you will receive the discount. It is our way of saying thank you for using Trailforks over the past 5 years while it was free.

How long is my discount valid?

As long as you stay a member you will maintain that discount into the future.

Are there discount codes available for industry?

There are so many riders that participate in the industry and it would require complicated approvals, so we have decided to offer the 50% off promotion to everyone who signs up in the first 30 days rather than any industry specific pricing.

How can I pay?

You can either pay directly on the Trailforks website, through the Apple App Store, or Google Play.

What does this mean for your trail associations and local admins?

We greatly appreciate the work local admins and ambassadors have put in to help map trails, as well as manage and curate the content in their areas. It's a vital piece in making a global platform like this work.

To recognize their continued efforts we are providing five free Trailforks Pro subscriptions per trail association, which are intended to be used by trail administrators. Also, members that are set up as local region admins on Trailforks can get a free Trailforks Pro subscription. They must have at least 10 Trailforks contribute points, meaning they’ve helped contribute some data to the platform. Local admins apply for free subscription here via the Trailforks website (not the app).

In addition, all the great tools, data & widgets are still available for free on the website for trail association usage.

How is Trailforks related to Pinkbike?

Originally Trailforks was a section of the Pinkbike company and website. While we will remain sister sites, Trailforks is now it's own company named Trailforks Mapping Inc, and will have its own independent systems, servers, and people.

What if I am upset that I now have to pay?

We truly appreciate all the support of our users over the last five years that Trailforks has been free but in order to continue to be great, we have to start charging. We would encourage you to sign up in the first 30 days and take advantage of our 50% offer which reduces the cost to just a few beers a year. If you maintain your membership we will continue to give you the 50% discount as a thank you for helping us make Trailforks great.

Every premium service has to find a way to pay the bills eventually, we had 3 options, plaster the website & app with advertising, charge trail associations, or charge users. We dislike ads and the tracking of users across the web it involves. We have never and don't want to sell user data, or even force users to have an account to use the app & website, thus tracking them even more. And one of the core missions of Trailforks is to provide tools and data for non-profit trail associations, so charging them doesn't align with that. So we decided on a reasonable yearly subscription for all users, which can be purchased even without an account.

Every time the app is used, external services ( map tiles, Google maps, satellite imagery, elevation data, weather data, and more ) have a cost associated with it. We have been able to absorb the cost until now, but as more and more users use the app we just can't absorb this indefinitely.

Can I try Trailforks Pro for Free?

YES! When a user first installs the app, everything is fully unlocked as if they were a Pro subscriber. Each user gets 7 unique days of usage in trial mode before the map locks and they must choose their free unlocked area or subscribe to Pro. This is not 7 consecutive days, but 7 days of use. So if you only ride each weekend, you could potentially be in trial mode for 7 weeks. Giving you ample time to see what features and data the app has to offer.

Additionally once you subscribe to Trailforks Pro there is a one-time 7 day trial via the Apple and Google app stores.

I Paid For Trailforks Pro & My App Doesn't Recognize It

If you made a new purchase or have switched to a new device and your app doesn't recognize your Pro subscription you can try to restore.

- In the Trailforks app open the main side menu.
- Go to "Settings".
- Click "Restore Pro Subscription"

There is more info available on the Pro FAQ page, which we will keep updating.

Signup for Trailforks Pro on the website or within the Trailforks app by clicking the "Get Pro" menu item.

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