Spain growth on Trailforks: kudos to regional admins and users

Jan 11, 2023 at 14:46
by Yaroslav Alpizar  
We close a spectacular year for Spain on @trailforks. Third place globally in terms of total trails only behind USA and Canada. But placed 2nd globally in MTB specific trails that include access trails as well as secondary trails (doubletracks) that are so important to know how to get to a trail and for the Route Planner tool to work properly.

All this has been thanks to the great work of local administrators and users who have collaborated by adding and correcting content on the platform. If you are an active user in Spain you will surely know some of their profiles and they have even contacted you when you were starting to use the application to guide you on how to do it in the best way. Kudos to Crisjaca, Angelreing, kai-bcn, Kalamarrrrdo, JLor, marcossantamaria and the rest for the great work they have done. Several of them are in fact in the top20 of contributors worldwide.... I wonder if they really work during the day or they are just in Trailforks all day long...hahaha!!!

Stats for Spain

Stats for Canada

These users are in the top10 of those who contribute the most to add content and reports in Spain. The fact that the amount of reports is growing is very important as it helps the locals who maintain the trails to know where there is a problem, a fallen tree, a section eroded by water, etc and so act quickly.


Regarding content statistics in Spain here I leave you a very cool video assembled by the administrator JLor (regional admin for Valencia) in which you can see the evolution of the number of trails by Autonomous Communities since 2014, the year Trailforks started. Initially Madrid, Balearic Islands and Andalusia were at the top but gradually the other communities were adding more users and growing in content. Catalonia started in 2018 and for a couple of years grew meteorically to then be the Valencian Community who took over and finally Aragon with the collaboration of several local administrators who have uploaded a lot of content.

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In this graph you can see how the amount of content added in each Autonomous Community evolved during these years in each quarter. The ill-fated year 2020 of the pandemic gave the starting signal for more and more users to start uploading content in many other regions. I imagine that so many people at home locked up and then unable to go very far, exploring their surroundings, realized the potential of this tool.


An important point to note is the growing numbers of trail associations and trail builders that have appeared. Out of 246 entries in the directory for Spain, 43 are "Trail Association" which are the ones that act as trail builders although several also offer shuttles and guided services in their region. In first place is the well-known Lo Podall association, which has done such a great job in the Tremp area and is constantly visited by so many people. The association in Collserola that is having such a hard time defending the use of bicycles in their region but they are fighting to change this. The Trailbuilder Margen Derecha have done an impressive job in the area of Bizkaia. And of course, old known groups like BTT Puro Pirineo, AranBike Parks, Eremeua and Berga Enduro.

Trail associations in Spain

In this other animation, also created by the user JLor, you can see how the number of routes uploaded in Trailforks has evolved in the different autonomous communities of Spain. Today, after a very intense work of several local administrators, Aragón, Comunidad Valenciana and Cataluña are the 3 regions with the highest number of routes in Spain.

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In this last graph you can see the top 6 of different types of content added in Spain in the last 28 weeks. The number of reports is starting to grow which is very important. We still need to add routes but little by little this section is growing too.


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