Trailforks 30-Day Ride Challenge Prize Winners & Recap

Aug 8, 2019
by Anthill Films  

The 30-Day Ride Challenge is now done and dusted! With poached legs, gripped forearms and aching backs we’d like to congratulate everyone who participated in this month-long endeavor-in-the-saddle. Thousands of people across the world rode their bikes every day from July 1 to July 30, all while encouraging their friends and inspiring strangers.

With that, we bring you the news that we have an official winner for the 30 Day Ride Challenge!
Tim Falvey is now the proud owner of the Return to Earth custom Trek Slash with a Shimano XTR build. Here's what he had to say about it.

bigquotesWhen I first heard the news I was so relieved I had finished all 30 days. On day four I went into the park after work, had a good crash and split my elbow open. It was pretty sore for a couple of weeks until another crash opened it back up again. Also, on day 12 I had to drop my brother-in-law at the airport so had to do a ride in Vancouver in the dark to get the badge!Tim Falvey, 30 Day Challenge Grand Prize winner

One Happy Chappy. Grand prize winner Tim Falvey.

Falvey hails from the South Island of New Zealand but moved with his girlfriend to the Whistler area in 2016 for — you guessed it — the trails. He has also been riding Trek bikes for a while, first the older Slash and more recently a Remedy. The Return to Earth bike should serve as a pretty sweet upgrade!

Time for Tim to get 'er dirty!

And here are the winners (Pinkbike usernames) of the daily prize packs courtesy of Trailforks, Anthill Films, EVOC, Bontrager, Shimano and LAZER.


plus 3 more riders we haven't heard back from yet. Check your inboxes!

Daily prize packs courtesy of Trailforks, Anthill Films, EVOC, Bontrager, Shimano and LAZER.

Note: All winners are drawn at the Pinkbike office location using a ‘Pick A Winner’ generator that randomly draws from all the eligible entries that completed the daily challenge (for Daily Badge winners) and all 30 days of the challenge (for the Overall 30 Day winner). Each winner is then cross-checked to ensure the days of riding is featured a complete Trailforks trail and there were no disparities.

30 Day Ride Challenge Fun Stats!
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The overall response to the 30 Day Ride Challenge was nothing short of amazing. Countless photos and videos were posted on a daily basis from participants on trails all over the world, more than we’ve ever seen. The best part was hearing participants’ testimonials; how people were riding more, riding stronger and generally just feeling better on their bikes, despite the time and energy that this challenge took.

Global heat map of 30 Day Ride Challenge completion ridelogs

North America
UK and Europe

Number of people that rode each day

Number of people who maintained a 30-Day streak

bigquotesAnd just like that…. 30 days flew by and I rode every day! It was not about riding the longest most epic trails, but reminding me I have the willpower and I could trade my usual after-work naps for laps.@jelodotch

bigquotesI never expected I would feel so good mentally and physically doing this challenge but the benefits have been unreal!@_jomiro


Lastly, we’d like to recognize the folks that topped the Trailforks Leaderboards! These riders really pushed how much we can achieve in 30 days of riding bikes.

Most trails ridden: dorr with 1070 trails (1,275 km)

Most distance: Mattlightcycling with 1,688 km

Most climbing: ttran with 38, 816 meters

Most descending: Bandidh with -100,455 meters

Thanks to everyone who helped make this 30 Day Ride Challenge happen, mostly all of YOU for getting out to ride your bikes every day! If you're looking for more inspiration to make the most your two-wheeled time, check out our latest film Return to EarthThe Ants