Trailforks App Released

Sep 2, 2015
by Trevor May  
Trailforks mobile app for ios and android

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A question we are frequently asked is when Trailforks will have a mobile app. Well that time has come, with the first release of our mobile app for iOS & Android!

Trailforks publicly launched in Nov 2014 and we wanted to gain a critical mass of trail coverage & usage before focusing on the app. Additionally building block features such as the trail routing, recommended rides & tile servers were needed first. We are avid bikers and have put a lot of thought and testing into what are useful features when out on the trail. We are striving to make the best mountain biking trail map app.

This is just the first release of the app, which already has a wide array of features. Trail data is stored offline on your phone, and geo-location features work offline as well. So you can always find your location on the trail map even with no signal. The base Google Maps do require a connection, but they cache extremely well. Some features such as viewing trail photos & videos require a data connection.

Below is a list of the app's core features. As this is a first release we are open to feedback & suggestions. And of course bug reports!

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App Features
- The largest database of mountain bike trails in the world, including thousands of biking related POI's
- Offline trail maps and info. Region updates are incremental and fast
- See your GPS location on the map, for trail navigation
- Display trail & route elevation profiles and 'scrub' along them to see the location on the map
- View local routes that local bikers have created
- View trail ridelogs from users and discover how to ride a new trail
- Automatic trail routing from your location (or nearest parking lot), to the trailhead of your choosing
- Sync and view your saved 'Ride Plans'
- Lookup region & trail info including routes, photos, videos & more
- View trail status & reports! Always be informed of up-to-date trail conditions & closures
- Submit trail reports & conditions from the app, including taking photos of trail issues
- Support the areas you ride, by donating 'Trail Karma'
- View nearby bike shops on the map, quick links for directions or phoning the shop

Trail Karma page in app


YES! Like the website, the Trailforks app is completely free to install and use. You don't have to pay for the region downloads, or to unlock advanced features.

Instead we want to encourage and build the culture of giving small donations to the places you ride throughout the year using our Trail Karma program. The app does have some banners and buttons encouraging you to donate to support a particular trail or region. Your donation will go directly to the local trail association, Pinkbike/Trailforks takes no cut.

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