Trailforks: Did you know? Contribution Details Layer

Jan 17, 2021 at 12:01
by Mark Holloway  
Do you want to help contribute content to Trailforks but all your local trails are already mapped? You can still contribute in other ways. How about writing up a trail description, or uploading all those photos and videos you've taken while out on the trail?

On any Trailforks map, you can toggle the contribution details layer on and it will give you a quick visualization of what important details still need to be contributed to complete a trails detail page. Be it a description, pictures, or a video, these extra details are very useful in giving users a mental picture of a trail before they even head out on an adventure.

If the trail is colored red, it's missing probably one of the most important details, a trail description. If it's blue or yellow it's missing some form of visual media, be it a photo or video. Finally, if the trail is purple, well it needs a little of everything.

Want to add or update a trail description? The short How-To video below will show you how to quickly edit a trail and add a description. Follow this link to see a list of suggested items to include in your trail description and an example of an actual trail description.

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Adding photos to Trailforks can be done very easily right from within the Trailforks app.

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How to add and link a video on

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