Trailforks: Did you know? Home Page Activity Feed

Feb 5, 2021 at 11:33
by Mark Holloway  
Your Trailforks activity feed page offers a wealth of information, but did you know you can fully customize your feed to display only information you are interested in seeing? You need to be logged into your Trailforks account to be able to see and customize your activity feed page.

You can narrow down the content displayed by selecting the tab that best fits what area you want to see content from. Want to see content from around the world, select the Worldwide Activity tab, select the Province or Nearby tabs to see content more local to you.

Select the Favs tab to only display content from regions you have added to your personal favorites list.

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Selecting the Friends tab will only display content/activities submitted by the friends you are following.

Use this link to search for your friends on Trailforks.

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Selecting the gear icon will allow you to edit your preferences even further. You can change the circumference of your nearby range, your default location, the activity types that most interest you, and the content-types that will be displayed on your feed.

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