Trailforks: Did you know? Trails I have Completed

Jan 5, 2021 at 18:13
by Mark Holloway  
**"Did you Know?" is a new series we have created to highlight features of Trailforks you may not have known about.**

Have you ever caught yourself wondering, "Have I completed every trail in this network?". Trailforks can tell you the answer to this question very quickly and easily.

Using your personal activity log data, either recorded with the Trailforks App or imported via Garmin or Strava, Trailforks creates a personal list of all the trails you have completed.

You can also manually populate your completed list by simply selecting the "completed" button on any trail page.

From any map on Trailforks, select the filter tab and filter for either the trails you have or have not completed.

Using your completed list, the map will highlight all the trails you have completed or not based on which filter you have selected. The trail list on the left will also populate based on the filter you have selected.

With the help of this feature, you'll know exactly which trails you still need to complete to conquer your goal of finishing every trail in the network.