Trailforks Trail of the Month: Luvin' Shovels

Jan 14, 2015
by Brent Hillier  

Luvin Shovels, Perth, AUS

Trail of the Month

This month's featured trail comes from the Southern Hemisphere and the Kalamunda Trails near Perth, Australia. This Black Diamond is a jump filled flow trail built by the power of community and the hard work of some key individuals.

Luvin Shovels
Luvin Shovels

Luvin Shovels got its start in 2006 with the permission for a Black Diamond trail in the Kalamunda network's original proposal. Unfortunately, after the completion of the Kalamunda circuit in 2011, funds had run dry and the plans for an advanced line was left on the wishlist. We spoke to the Jake Hannah, committee member of the West Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA).

bigquotesRecognizing that permission had been granted and that there was a demand for more challenging trails, then WAMBA vice-president, Lindsay Alsop, got to work. - Jake Hannah

bigquotesTo me trail building is the ultimate expression of creativity that people can share in and be rewarded by time and again. Finally we could build a black trail and I wanted to make this one count. There was a real gap in the type of trails that we had in the area. I wanted to build something that I thought would bring some young grommets to the sport, to bring a bit of play to biking in Perth. - Lindsay Alsop

With a line scoped by Lindsay Alsop, a Lottery West grant of $15,000, some crucial help from Rich Blair, Ben McGrath, George Munroe, Geoff Carnegie-Smith and an army of volunteers, work began in June of 2012. The grant money allowed the purchase of materials and the rental of machinery, not only a help in the construction itself, but it made for a massive moral boost for the community meaning more and more helpers turning up every day.

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Luvin Shovels

Completed in October of 2013, Luvin Shovels features jumps, berms and two massive log rides. It's 2.3km of pure fun and the top ranked trail at Kalamunda, network that is described as the most popular in Western Australia.

Lovin Shovels in Perth AUS in the Kalamundu Trails.

Lovin Shovels in Perth AUS in the Kalamundu Trails.
Earn some Trail Karma and help the Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective, a chapter of the West Australian Mountain Bike Association, continue building and maintaining great trails like Luvin Shovels.

Lovin Shovels in Perth AUS in the Kalamundu Trails.

Luvin Shovels

shredding on the xc bike

having fun at the Luvin Shovels trail opening

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Action photos by @chamakazi

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