Trailforks Trail of the Month: Santa Cruz Flow Trail

May 15, 2015
by Brent Hillier  

Flow Trail, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Trail of the Month

Santa Cruz is a community infamous with Mountain Biking. Unfortunately like many of the Mecca's of Mountain Biking its trails have been illegal and even punishable with tickets and fines. The Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz have made leaps and bounds to change that. And last month saw the opening of the sixth and final stage of their brand new, legit Flow Trail.

With the sport of Mountain Biking evolving over the years many communities around the world have jumped on the bandwagon and created their version of flow. At the same time many long time mountain bikers have resisted the movement demanding more tech and steeps. Whether you're a new-schooler or an old-schooler I dare you to ride this trail without smiling. Some are describing it as the best flow trail ever, and we at Trailforks can't help but agree.

Inga railing the Santa Cruz Flow Trail

Built with donations totalling $200,000 from a number of private donors, industry and bike shops. This trail was funded and built by the community, providing a fun trail that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the age or ability. The entire process started in the Summer of 2012 with construction beginning February 2014. With 21 trail days, over 500 volunteers, 6300 volunteer hours and a work crew chipping away during the week the final section was completed April of this year.

And if you've got more time then check out everything Santa Cruz has to offer, at least what won't get you a ticket.

Hasselblad 500c shot on Tri-x 400

If you like what you see then please support our friends at the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz and earn some Trail Karma while you're at it.

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