How many trails can you ride in a day? On September 8th, everyone is invited to attempt to ride as many sanctioned trails as possible on Fromme from sunrise to sunset! Read more

Leaderboard (67 Possible Trails)

usernametrail distanceride distanceride climbtimetrails
suissecheese3 miles7 miles1,628 ft2 hr 12 m7
efremont1 mile8 miles2,582 ft1 hr 49 m6
afaizi2 miles8 miles2,019 ft1 hr 46 m6
Twotterguy2 miles7 miles1,327 ft2 hr 5 m6
travisrobertson3 miles10 miles2,320 ft2 hr 37 m6
mjeffreybell2 miles4 miles688 ft1 hr 17 m6
jbullen2 miles6 miles1,409 ft2 hr 5 m6
bwyn2 miles8 miles2,404 ft2 hr 43 m6
ndoredh2 miles5 miles1,446 ft1 hr 30 m5
Fraser6042 miles6 miles1,367 ft1 hr 21 m5
Vojinle2 miles7 miles1,603 ft2 hr 36 m5
Braveheart19802 miles8 miles2,031 ft2 hr 50 m5
muitodoido1 mile8 miles791 ft1 hr 31 m5
TroyTyler1 mile6 miles1,511 ft1 hr 41 m5
Nicoraf2 miles7 miles1,293 ft3 hr 25 m5
FullTiltMTB2 miles6 miles1,433 ft1 hr 57 m5
masonfulton1 mile6 miles781 ft1 hr 16 m5
jacob-fagan2 miles15 miles2,692 ft3 hr 46 m5
maltese-cyclone2 miles6 miles1,638 ft1 hr 23 m5
Akabatoff2 miles7 miles1,651 ft1 hr 57 m5
vandave2 miles5 miles1,425 ft1 hr 24 m5
findscarns3 miles14 miles3,873 ft2 hr 52 m5
Vrspg1 mile8 miles1,861 ft2 hr 11 m5
Vuk2 miles6 miles1,496 ft2 hr 34 m5
Earlanderson2 miles4 miles498 ft1 hr 7 m4
mgriezic1 mile8 miles2,099 ft1 hr 59 m4
raisincrunch2 miles6 miles1,234 ft1 hr 53 m4
lemminasty2 miles5 miles1,096 ft2 hr 17 m4
Randy18332 miles7 miles1,972 ft1 hr 31 m4
Babygiant1 mile8 miles2,131 ft1 hr 55 m4
krankieYak2 miles8 miles1,020 ft1 hr 54 m4
Cgocal2 miles14 miles2,349 ft4 hr 34 m4
fezzzik1 mile7 miles2,416 ft2 hr 21 m4
meldonlobo2 miles4 miles1,523 ft2 hr 7 m4
JayJohnston2 miles6 miles1,586 ft1 hr 48 m4
aussiecath2 miles6 miles1,353 ft2 hr 5 m4
pedrocaio1822 miles9 miles2,476 ft2 hr 12 m4
B20PV2 miles7 miles1,612 ft2 hr 20 m4
Buzzsaw1 mile12 miles2,409 ft3 hr 40 m4
Pato761 mile2 miles743 ft0 hr 46 m4
HaydenHuang5,138 ft10 miles1,930 ft3 hr 39 m3
edddies1 mile2 miles544 ft0 hr 58 m3
northvanct4,049 ft2 miles571 ft0 hr 41 m3
Eh-Jay2 miles5 miles1,372 ft1 hr 23 m3
EZ8481 mile4 miles1,044 ft0 hr 50 m3
ErinBee2 miles8 miles2,033 ft2 hr 14 m3
sunsetshred2 miles7 miles1,935 ft2 hr 12 m3
roggey2 miles7 miles1,880 ft1 hr 55 m3
stewyd5,148 ft5 miles1,317 ft1 hr 2 m3
Colinrun3 miles7 miles1,873 ft2 hr 5 m3
mgpb144,301 ft1 mile286 ft0 hr 21 m2
judsy274,639 ft8 miles2,099 ft1 hr 47 m2
korc1 mile5 miles1,323 ft1 hr 24 m2
ToshF2,516 ft5 miles1,456 ft1 hr 59 m2
squint4,997 ft6 miles1,496 ft1 hr 22 m2
Milo19751 mile9 miles1,670 ft2 hr 6 m2
Steve172,503 ft5 miles1,769 ft1 hr 24 m1
drichardsonNVAN1,798 ft4 miles797 ft1 hr 10 m1
jamestwowheelmaster1,693 ft2,536 ft0 hr 6 m1
adhd3,163 ft8 miles1,966 ft1 hr 48 m1
LeoFreitas1,929 ft16 miles2,240 ft2 hr 2 m1
mdwskywalker1,693 ft3 miles831 ft0 hr 49 m1