How many trails can you ride in a day? On September 5th, everyone is invited to attempt to ride as many sanctioned trails as possible on Fromme from sunrise to sunset! Read more

Leaderboard (67 Possible Trails)

usernametrail distanceride distanceride climbtimetrails
taprider41 miles150 miles41,707 ft11 hr 31 m50
superkeen15 miles36 miles11,023 ft8 hr 38 m41
vbeasse14 miles48 miles12,885 ft10 hr 50 m37
julabrecque12 miles34 miles8,124 ft8 hr 9 m32
JRobson13 miles33 miles7,820 ft13 hr 14 m32
vancity10 miles28 miles7,285 ft7 hr 53 m31
kmol11 miles33 miles7,802 ft6 hr 47 m30
lilwalters11 miles30 miles8,280 ft10 hr 11 m29
domgauthier9 miles24 miles6,243 ft4 hr 56 m27
biggerted10 miles30 miles8,413 ft10 hr 19 m26
Creechr13 miles30 miles8,746 ft10 hr 51 m26
phixx9 miles27 miles7,506 ft10 hr 16 m24
Foaner8 miles18 miles5,235 ft5 hr 57 m23
justintop112 miles33 miles8,905 ft10 hr 47 m23
neilm218 miles18 miles4,515 ft5 hr 11 m23
alton268 miles31 miles7,722 ft8 hr 34 m23
k-launch7 miles12 miles3,698 ft3 hr 34 m22
nosmokingexit9 miles25 miles8,222 ft10 hr 20 m22
blisster198 miles23 miles6,301 ft4 hr 53 m22
RevT8 miles18 miles4,991 ft5 hr 55 m22
spelvin8 miles22 miles5,608 ft5 hr 51 m22
traildad6047 miles21 miles5,990 ft6 hr 12 m21
robopad7 miles22 miles5,494 ft6 hr 7 m21
ZoRides7 miles35 miles9,500 ft9 hr 7 m21
fredfmc19787 miles13 miles3,379 ft4 hr 34 m21
siobhan7 miles15 miles3,803 ft3 hr 54 m20
claudiomen6 miles13 miles3,359 ft4 hr 50 m20
ep8887 miles24 miles5,788 ft6 hr 51 m20
Ryacrean6 miles21 miles5,343 ft5 hr 51 m20
hackonwheels6 miles12 miles3,507 ft5 hr 11 m19
ThomasJP6 miles12 miles3,525 ft3 hr 11 m19
mario90007 miles19 miles5,129 ft6 hr 0 m19
SopTeed6 miles16 miles4,342 ft6 hr 45 m18
arasanr6 miles16 miles3,633 ft5 hr 17 m18
NorthShoreRyan7 miles14 miles3,463 ft7 hr 37 m18
TimberlyAmbler6 miles18 miles4,649 ft5 hr 51 m18
pitter5 miles16 miles4,199 ft4 hr 24 m17
robdonovan6 miles13 miles3,432 ft3 hr 12 m17
charlie645 miles15 miles3,371 ft5 hr 24 m17
tucker19775 miles19 miles3,900 ft5 hr 46 m16
looak6 miles17 miles4,467 ft6 hr 44 m16
Sploo5 miles12 miles3,319 ft6 hr 15 m15
Cmoewes5 miles17 miles4,525 ft6 hr 43 m15
jonbula5 miles11 miles3,540 ft3 hr 11 m15
SBotter6 miles26 miles5,031 ft3 hr 41 m15
erikalamode5 miles12 miles3,341 ft3 hr 7 m15
giantbikefan1005 miles17 miles4,336 ft3 hr 37 m14
Nikhil4 miles10 miles3,188 ft4 hr 43 m14
kirbmeister5 miles16 miles4,489 ft6 hr 48 m14
krisrawl004 miles11 miles2,499 ft2 hr 12 m14
john-bayer4 miles26 miles5,857 ft8 hr 32 m14
katrin7115 miles16 miles4,218 ft4 hr 33 m14
Isaacawram5 miles11 miles2,813 ft3 hr 32 m13
Cgocal5 miles24 miles5,966 ft8 hr 49 m13
bencbrown914 miles11 miles2,564 ft3 hr 55 m13
nicoli5 miles16 miles4,779 ft4 hr 48 m13
adrenalinejunkieHN4 miles12 miles3,491 ft4 hr 28 m12
boni463 miles10 miles2,316 ft4 hr 16 m12
kotygomez4 miles15 miles3,414 ft3 hr 43 m12
LindsayJean3 miles10 miles2,156 ft4 hr 6 m12
Happycamper19804 miles21 miles5,876 ft6 hr 1 m12
rleaver4 miles9 miles2,610 ft2 hr 42 m12
LeoFreitas4 miles24 miles4,812 ft3 hr 36 m12
doday4 miles11 miles2,639 ft3 hr 0 m12
Cyclemay14 miles12 miles2,672 ft3 hr 55 m12
Pinot22823 miles20 miles5,205 ft5 hr 55 m11
MorboMcN3 miles12 miles2,548 ft1 hr 59 m11
Quinn-393 miles11 miles2,781 ft3 hr 37 m10
mgab4 miles8 miles2,248 ft1 hr 43 m10
mwrinch4 miles6 miles1,865 ft1 hr 31 m10
krager3 miles11 miles2,772 ft2 hr 6 m10
agruchala4 miles7 miles2,260 ft2 hr 16 m10
buh-nannas3 miles10 miles2,449 ft3 hr 1 m10
floppledopple4 miles28 miles4,850 ft6 hr 13 m10
Suspiciouslyblonde3 miles8 miles1,883 ft1 hr 45 m10
blhandford4 miles12 miles2,796 ft3 hr 10 m10
Shaniio4 miles24 miles4,819 ft5 hr 56 m10
jamtram3 miles12 miles2,937 ft2 hr 13 m9
titouolanie3 miles24 miles4,110 ft7 hr 6 m9
muitodoido3 miles24 miles4,860 ft4 hr 49 m9
Quattro9494 miles7 miles2,050 ft1 hr 50 m9
AaronCGcDhq3 miles16 miles3,107 ft3 hr 33 m9
jsp333 miles8 miles2,283 ft1 hr 57 m9
northvanjay4 miles16 miles3,146 ft2 hr 47 m9
martyzaleski3 miles9 miles2,618 ft1 hr 54 m9
Brodyo123 miles14 miles3,022 ft3 hr 32 m9
trailfail1013 miles10 miles2,687 ft2 hr 1 m9
Marcusanbylandt3 miles9 miles2,695 ft2 hr 4 m9
Brody8RDFNC3 miles14 miles2,940 ft3 hr 28 m9
Mdbikerdude3 miles6 miles1,621 ft2 hr 15 m9
k2enemy2 miles8 miles1,805 ft2 hr 34 m8
alui3 miles5 miles1,667 ft2 hr 21 m8
mariodohn3 miles6 miles1,788 ft1 hr 39 m8
gneilson193 miles6 miles2,027 ft1 hr 47 m8
synchro3 miles5 miles1,537 ft1 hr 51 m8
Lordbens3 miles13 miles3,224 ft3 hr 8 m8
bnjmnmlls3 miles13 miles3,303 ft3 hr 53 m8
RickInnorthVancouver3 miles8 miles2,081 ft1 hr 32 m8
leapin2 miles13 miles2,345 ft1 hr 59 m8
tc023 miles12 miles3,015 ft2 hr 20 m8