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Leaderboard (68 Possible Trails)

usernametrail distanceride distanceride climbtimetrails
Quinn-3911 miles29 miles8,112 ft8 hr 51 m31
elchute11 miles32 miles9,443 ft9 hr 27 m31
JRobson14 miles32 miles8,669 ft10 hr 18 m31
julabrecque10 miles30 miles8,944 ft8 hr 56 m28
drdiggler11 miles21 miles5,787 ft5 hr 2 m27
kmol9 miles32 miles7,641 ft6 hr 18 m27
vallee9 miles15 miles4,225 ft3 hr 30 m26
Tervinder9 miles23 miles5,802 ft6 hr 30 m25
ELAllan9 miles20 miles5,018 ft5 hr 9 m24
vbeasse10 miles29 miles8,076 ft7 hr 0 m23
spendtimebehindbars8 miles23 miles6,569 ft7 hr 30 m23
BKydd9 miles27 miles7,163 ft6 hr 17 m22
maverickbike7 miles15 miles4,027 ft3 hr 14 m22
S8NLee7 miles19 miles4,844 ft4 hr 58 m22
Cgocal7 miles21
tool6 miles17 miles4,770 ft4 hr 24 m21
fredlin89 miles22 miles5,834 ft7 hr 1 m20
k-launch6 miles12 miles3,246 ft3 hr 45 m19
tucker19776 miles21 miles4,752 ft6 hr 10 m18
Jkeeble6 miles16 miles4,189 ft6 hr 9 m18
lcicon6 miles16 miles3,952 ft4 hr 44 m17
trevvw5 miles14 miles3,623 ft3 hr 42 m17
eglenwright5 miles16 miles4,205 ft4 hr 41 m17
suzewiens5 miles14 miles3,442 ft3 hr 45 m17
schmitkraft6 miles11 miles3,141 ft3 hr 45 m17
colinstrong6 miles16 miles4,251 ft6 hr 23 m16
ep8885 miles14 miles3,266 ft2 hr 39 m16
ninesix6 miles15
tones0126 miles18 miles3,811 ft4 hr 30 m15
AlexRawShred9 miles35 miles6,589 ft8 hr 5 m15
averagejoebenmtb5 miles14 miles3,332 ft4 hr 11 m15
agriezic9 miles19 miles5,366 ft4 hr 8 m14
jackdcasey5 miles17 miles4,173 ft6 hr 20 m14
Gordon1mcdonald5 miles16 miles3,153 ft3 hr 52 m14
chrisw19764 miles17 miles3,490 ft3 hr 50 m14
cameronrobertson6 miles16 miles3,947 ft5 hr 56 m14
Shaniio5 miles15 miles4,169 ft6 hr 21 m14
emills865 miles16 miles3,861 ft3 hr 44 m13
Madster3 miles7 miles1,637 ft1 hr 33 m12
Kartusch5 miles14 miles3,244 ft3 hr 11 m12
estheteGM5 miles13 miles3,507 ft4 hr 5 m12
champchirey4 miles8 miles2,225 ft3 hr 30 m12
georgeconnolly5 miles21 miles4,498 ft6 hr 21 m12
caldool4 miles14 miles3,157 ft3 hr 54 m12
thirstyfortrails7 miles13 miles3,800 ft4 hr 17 m12
AtkPete4 miles8 miles2,348 ft1 hr 57 m11
coreybrennan3 miles16 miles2,921 ft4 hr 4 m11
awhite764 miles9 miles2,328 ft1 hr 50 m11
tc024 miles18 miles3,871 ft2 hr 40 m11
billjuhasz774 miles15 miles3,519 ft3 hr 26 m11
HeyBaumeister4 miles19 miles3,941 ft4 hr 31 m11
Tegano4 miles14 miles3,475 ft3 hr 58 m11
Scareys-Bike4 miles12 miles3,306 ft3 hr 12 m11
Cocoa-Team4 miles6 miles1,823 ft1 hr 44 m10
Lordbens3 miles9 miles2,706 ft2 hr 28 m10
ArranTFq9vO4 miles17 miles4,069 ft4 hr 2 m10
rovadon4 miles15 miles3,075 ft4 hr 28 m10
slc3 miles12 miles3,264 ft4 hr 18 m10
frriv313 miles10 miles2,480 ft3 hr 6 m10
Mcyeetus3 miles14 miles3,082 ft6 hr 48 m10
giantguy074 miles13 miles3,129 ft3 hr 47 m10
sr415 miles9 miles3,261 ft3 hr 6 m10
aidanthewong3 miles26 miles4,366 ft6 hr 59 m10
boni463 miles12 miles2,679 ft3 hr 51 m10
Samler3 miles7 miles1,879 ft1 hr 47 m9
robdonovan3 miles9
msisle12 miles7 miles1,557 ft1 hr 51 m9
cfinlay2 miles9 miles1,837 ft2 hr 53 m9
finblarr3 miles20 miles3,500 ft5 hr 6 m9
skyzorg2 miles8 miles1,705 ft2 hr 0 m9
k4kicker4 miles8 miles2,400 ft2 hr 57 m9
Suspiciouslyblonde2 miles8 miles1,724 ft1 hr 53 m8
martinparry2 miles9 miles2,087 ft2 hr 44 m8
bproth3 miles4 miles1,505 ft1 hr 19 m8
BCDragon2 miles8 miles1,765 ft1 hr 49 m8
Rlester3 miles5 miles1,515 ft1 hr 45 m8
v3r0z4 miles8 miles1,705 ft2 hr 13 m8
MTBaboon4 miles8 miles1,971 ft1 hr 47 m8
BehnadvFAnO03 miles6 miles1,708 ft1 hr 50 m8
mwrinch2 miles13 miles2,231 ft1 hr 46 m7
pepin113 miles10 miles2,200 ft1 hr 21 m7
brenthillier2 miles14 miles2,429 ft2 hr 10 m7
Jackhtsui3 miles8 miles2,053 ft2 hr 8 m7
cove242 miles21 miles3,724 ft3 hr 33 m7
esantana3 miles6 miles1,819 ft0 hr 0 m7
Mdbikerdude3 miles10 miles2,487 ft2 hr 7 m7
mitkcollop2 miles7 miles1,643 ft1 hr 34 m7
kierankearns13 miles12 miles2,515 ft2 hr 35 m7
dezim2 miles8 miles2,337 ft1 hr 48 m7
SpecialK122 miles6 miles1,789 ft1 hr 51 m7
tillythesaint3 miles5 miles1,614 ft1 hr 11 m7
seym0urbutts3 miles10 miles2,637 ft2 hr 46 m7
Zarrolhomtb2 miles5 miles1,894 ft2 hr 41 m7
thugboarder2 miles14 miles3,307 ft3 hr 33 m6
jsyslak2 miles10 miles1,842 ft2 hr 10 m6
martyzaleski1 mile4 miles880 ft1 hr 2 m6
slightlyoutofcontrol3 miles6
MET2 miles10 miles1,725 ft2 hr 51 m6
SixZeroSixOne2 miles11 miles3,098 ft3 hr 57 m6
vancity2 miles7 miles1,519 ft1 hr 38 m6