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Leaderboard (67 Possible Trails)

usernametrail distanceride distanceride climbtimetrails
taprider22 miles52 miles13,645 ft11 hr 25 m51
UgaBugaArugulaPuga15 miles53 miles13,114 ft12 hr 13 m38
Jmils8111 miles29 miles6,935 ft9 hr 11 m36
circle-o17 miles44 miles12,793 ft14 hr 0 m34
phixx13 miles28 miles8,171 ft10 hr 13 m34
drdiggler12 miles39 miles10,554 ft9 hr 16 m34
tuckfordouble11 miles27 miles7,248 ft9 hr 17 m33
julabrecque13 miles26 miles7,694 ft7 hr 16 m33
Ryrybrownies11 miles28 miles7,267 ft9 hr 14 m33
josephig11 miles30 miles7,316 ft9 hr 14 m33
Emmanuelrose10 miles29 miles7,008 ft7 hr 53 m30
forestbathing9 miles22 miles5,752 ft7 hr 53 m29
Foaner11 miles27 miles7,313 ft8 hr 12 m28
kjfw10 miles34 miles7,513 ft8 hr 12 m28
cbrandt10 miles32 miles8,635 ft10 hr 12 m28
tool9 miles19 miles4,946 ft4 hr 42 m27
mudrunner9 miles36 miles8,190 ft9 hr 1 m27
vallee9 miles21 miles5,766 ft5 hr 8 m27
Weatherly11 miles19 miles5,338 ft4 hr 40 m27
westcoastrider149 miles37 miles8,450 ft8 hr 12 m27
MtnTrailRider9 miles16 miles3,966 ft5 hr 49 m26
lilwalters9 miles31 miles8,123 ft10 hr 14 m26
dlowe8 miles20 miles4,825 ft5 hr 25 m26
northshore1616 miles43 miles10,794 ft14 hr 36 m25
kyleprior8 miles27 miles6,121 ft9 hr 25 m25
neilm219 miles27 miles5,189 ft9 hr 28 m25
Yolky0512 miles40 miles12,661 ft15 hr 4 m25
szubrycky7 miles16 miles3,933 ft5 hr 13 m23
trevvw8 miles16 miles4,397 ft5 hr 25 m23
suzewiens8 miles17 miles4,265 ft5 hr 25 m23
kmre10 miles28 miles7,914 ft7 hr 10 m23
Milahp1377 miles15 miles4,087 ft4 hr 14 m22
Seandgwilson7 miles18 miles3,990 ft3 hr 0 m22
spipkey7 miles16 miles4,197 ft4 hr 13 m22
seewhy7 miles25 miles6,182 ft5 hr 49 m21
mrmathewbond6 miles22 miles4,577 ft10 hr 6 m21
KezN7 miles16 miles3,927 ft5 hr 9 m21
mzunguz6 miles23 miles4,715 ft3 hr 16 m20
KylejHeine9 miles40 miles12,825 ft10 hr 34 m19
hicksj6 miles13 miles3,214 ft3 hr 5 m19
mitchkaiser7 miles28 miles7,122 ft6 hr 23 m19
maverickbike5 miles12 miles3,447 ft3 hr 50 m18
jread6 miles14 miles3,823 ft3 hr 13 m18
AlexRawShred7 miles16 miles3,752 ft6 hr 32 m18
CMacer6 miles17 miles4,089 ft5 hr 26 m18
Nathan38396 miles14 miles3,688 ft6 hr 31 m18
ccosmo17 miles21 miles4,129 ft3 hr 3 m18
viva6 miles26 miles5,899 ft5 hr 9 m16
jeffelow5 miles16 miles4,001 ft5 hr 1 m16
dendropatronus6 miles14 miles3,832 ft3 hr 45 m16
findscarns5 miles13 miles3,620 ft2 hr 47 m16
giantbikefan1005 miles13 miles3,336 ft2 hr 47 m16
shoresled6 miles18 miles3,968 ft3 hr 40 m16
averagejoebenmtb6 miles15 miles4,004 ft4 hr 40 m16
voynovich4 miles28 miles5,212 ft4 hr 51 m15
Robertodee5 miles19 miles5,010 ft6 hr 21 m15
jamesinnorthvan5 miles19 miles3,731 ft5 hr 43 m15
coreybrennan5 miles19 miles4,405 ft5 hr 54 m15
shoreflea4 miles17 miles4,550 ft4 hr 24 m15
z-watkins6 miles16 miles4,642 ft3 hr 53 m15
jimmyando7 miles13 miles3,642 ft3 hr 11 m14
ermit715 miles10 miles2,577 ft3 hr 43 m14
hackonwheels4 miles13 miles2,760 ft4 hr 9 m14
tombriggs5 miles14 miles2,853 ft4 hr 5 m14
BKydd5 miles18 miles4,135 ft3 hr 35 m14
DMoney00414 miles13 miles2,665 ft4 hr 1 m14
agruchala5 miles11 miles2,598 ft3 hr 12 m14
biggerted5 miles24 miles6,956 ft9 hr 20 m14
cuski3 miles11 miles2,250 ft2 hr 49 m13
yama15 miles16 miles3,861 ft2 hr 53 m13
bikesalot3 miles8 miles1,940 ft2 hr 16 m13
rjenz4 miles14 miles3,345 ft3 hr 30 m13
Tankfishh5 miles10 miles2,649 ft2 hr 44 m13
bromeo8074 miles11 miles2,172 ft2 hr 14 m13
mlazic953 miles12 miles2,237 ft2 hr 22 m13
nswildman3 miles11 miles2,133 ft3 hr 47 m12
christophedehaas4 miles11 miles2,643 ft2 hr 46 m12
Mmselzer4 miles9 miles2,033 ft2 hr 36 m12
Oti884 miles12 miles2,329 ft2 hr 2 m12
haris14115 miles20 miles4,770 ft6 hr 16 m12
Frbed7 miles29 miles7,627 ft9 hr 53 m12
HeyBaumeister4 miles13 miles2,843 ft3 hr 10 m11
robdonovan3 miles9 miles1,481 ft3 hr 10 m11
thirstyfortrails6 miles11 miles3,417 ft4 hr 59 m11
Tervinder4 miles11 miles2,610 ft2 hr 44 m11
slc3 miles9 miles2,150 ft3 hr 9 m11
volvoluvin4 miles12 miles2,768 ft2 hr 26 m11
eglenwright3 miles14 miles3,257 ft3 hr 19 m11
boni463 miles11 miles1,912 ft2 hr 45 m10
JodiePeachey4 miles6 miles1,840 ft1 hr 41 m10
champchirey3 miles10 miles2,050 ft3 hr 12 m10
brenthillier4 miles21 miles3,421 ft4 hr 3 m10
leggatt3 miles11 miles2,430 ft3 hr 11 m10
brantcheetham4 miles8 miles2,054 ft1 hr 57 m10
razzlebazzil3 miles7 miles1,516 ft2 hr 29 m10
KnobbyNick3 miles21 miles4,038 ft3 hr 29 m9
deniset3 miles10 miles2,225 ft2 hr 10 m9
Bules4 miles12 miles3,239 ft2 hr 31 m9
totallyprofessional3 miles11 miles2,233 ft6 hr 52 m9
SBotter4 miles18 miles3,392 ft3 hr 47 m9