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Riders 30 Day Streak

7,752 people participated in the challenge.

  • Total Distance
    867,806 miles
  • Total Climbed
    119,543,359 ft
  • Total Descent
    -136,046,778 ft
  • Total Time Moving
    139,852 hours
2,190 people completed the challenge and rode all 30 days!

  • Total Distance
    429,780 miles
  • Total Climbed
    58,429,580 ft
  • Total Descent
    -66,660,212 ft
  • Total Time Moving
    67,881 hours
  • Gender
    1,329 male
    145 female
  • Oldest Person
  • Youngest Person
  • Countries
  • Rides

    Trails Ridden
  • Trail Difficulty
    • 96,394
    • 157,057
    • 52,871
    • 15,770
    • 1,261
    • 4,400
    • 1,642
    • 1,061
  • Trail Distance
    • 40,604 miles
    • 81,913 miles
    • 26,063 miles
    • 7,084 miles
    • 305 miles
    • 1,623 mile
    • 566 miles
    • 347 miles

Trails Ridden Leaderboard

total distance ridden on mapped trails (green and above difficulty)
1dorr773 miles1051
2jeremycole668 miles930
3Oettam535 miles835
4estade484 miles598
5emilywright393 miles727
6mike2271372 miles364
7Jawmsbiker367 miles436
8Jfrey221366 miles399
9orphic342 miles581
10selanavot339 miles486

Double Black Trails Leaderboard

total distance ridden on double black trails
1dorr289 miles312
2estade237 miles178
3Oettam192 miles210
4jeremycole184 miles196
5emilywright146 miles160
6Jawmsbiker104 miles64
7foxfraser72 miles95
8klabix67 miles86
9Inflamus67 miles73
10Jcartwright0866 miles56

Distance Leaderboard

1Mattlightcycling1,049 mile29,060 ft
2ttran916 miles88,677 ft
3Gagintheair858 miles55,071 ft
4jamalb730 miles59,731 ft
5Indymoto719 miles33,883 ft
6arkley68693 miles32,601 ft
7kotabear47690 miles21,716 ft
8rcybak679 miles59,197 ft
9Michieltjeeh678 miles15,009 ft
10Kpschmidt671 miles6,845 ft
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Climb Leaderboard

1Mavinon99 miles267,956 ft
2reinhold361 miles101,968 ft
3ttran916 miles88,677 ft
4LarsB279 miles86,618 ft
5esm5159288 miles78,701 ft
6brownierice632 miles76,027 ft
7jonatrey331 miles73,617 ft
8BullHeadJack454 miles69,971 ft
9supermm542 miles68,927 ft
10fabeltierkater432 miles68,733 ft
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Descent Leaderboard

1Mavinon148 miles-332,300 ft
2Bandidh594 miles-264,306 ft
3jeremycole634 miles-232,683 ft
4dorr629 miles-219,574 ft
5osimsik595 miles-211,873 ft
6Oettam540 miles-206,722 ft
7Jcartwright08594 miles-189,301 ft
8selanavot659 miles-188,734 ft
9mike2271514 miles-171,171 ft
10Romeroanthony106568 miles-163,959 ft
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Shortest Distance Leaderboard

1FCX25018 miles308 ft
2Fawnch20 miles3,165 ft
3RioNoss7520 miles1,344 ft
4mountainmaverick20 miles615 ft
5Saynor22 miles7,952 ft
6MattShacklock23 miles1,473 ft
7MercuryMartian24 miles3,385 ft
8Joshsmiht25 miles2,424 ft
9Webb025 miles1,191 ft
10sammy0526 miles2,511 ft
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Daily Badges Earned

867,806 miles total distance ridden.