We can’t get together like years past, but we want to connect with members and encourage you to get out there and ride some trails with your core bubble! So this season we will be putting on our All Stars & Underdogs Trail Challenge!

Every two weeks we will be releasing two trails (one All Star and one Underdog) to include in your ride! If you log your ride on Trailforks, hit both trails/collect both badges you will be entered to win prizing which will be drawn later in the season! You must be a member to be eligible for prizing**. The more badges you collect the better chance you will have at winning prizes. We plan on running this challenge until the end of the season. The first challenge has been released on Trailforks, links on how to acquire both badges are below!

more info on sorca website
1asur90 264 miles47,754 ft-47,845 ft12
2Tavis123232 miles50,657 ft-51,187 ft12
3pistolpete47 216 miles32,260 ft-32,202 ft12
4Derpe185 miles41,080 ft-42,058 ft12
5ianewart152 miles26,380 ft-27,236 ft12
6Mikejw77147 miles25,059 ft-26,011 ft12
7rorytucker146 miles28,393 ft-30,043 ft12
8arthurakb120 miles22,805 ft-28,411 ft12
9bizandres115 miles20,988 ft-22,361 ft12
10bradjohn110 miles19,026 ft-21,972 ft12
11Madmaxten108 miles17,244 ft-26,908 ft12
121jenwilson106 miles21,045 ft-20,990 ft12
13Mkoltowski93 miles16,623 ft-16,605 ft12
14F0rtin9283 miles13,686 ft-15,933 ft12
15LPryer53 miles8,321 ft-12,238 ft12
16dosagushi152 miles29,104 ft-29,094 ft11
17barb325109 miles19,832 ft-20,624 ft11
18whitneywadd94 miles18,711 ft-18,681 ft11
19csaver 75 miles15,910 ft-15,997 ft11
20hansbauck139 miles27,413 ft-27,410 ft10
21mrzanni85 miles13,442 ft-20,969 ft10
22abythell81 miles11,032 ft-14,746 ft10
23Covegirl 80 miles15,852 ft-16,858 ft9
24roweramo74 miles9,410 ft-10,242 ft9
25Trinazanni66 miles10,327 ft-12,540 ft9
26jneufeld0157 miles10,629 ft-11,479 ft9
27enduroannie84 miles13,948 ft-13,890 ft8
28madmabel63 miles10,268 ft-11,722 ft8
29KatiaB60 miles10,723 ft-10,741 ft8
30damor 133 miles15,517 ft-15,521 ft7
31Dane181 miles17,375 ft-21,263 ft7
32lagap 76 miles13,693 ft-14,804 ft7
33ShawMac 53 miles7,306 ft-9,076 ft7
34mhonsbergs53 miles11,829 ft-11,909 ft7
35tinaplumb69 miles10,946 ft-11,146 ft6
36yambaman63 miles15,808 ft-15,783 ft6
37Bsnow12362 miles11,888 ft-11,924 ft6
38adrock-whistler 54 miles9,681 ft-10,628 ft6
39montivagant 51 miles9,793 ft-10,686 ft6
40KatherineL40 miles8,757 ft-9,107 ft6
41ronianash30 miles5,428 ft-6,610 ft6
42gumbygirl89 miles20,186 ft-20,124 ft5
43emissarytoearth 82 miles12,667 ft-13,347 ft5
44jphoenix82 miles12,531 ft-12,538 ft5
45brumos75 miles13,964 ft-17,532 ft5
46volitilemung 67 miles11,443 ft-16,463 ft5
47enrobi60 miles11,911 ft-12,007 ft5
48Pedalpiper59 miles11,937 ft-11,976 ft5
49JGrahamKelly 48 miles10,785 ft-15,228 ft5
50Mlane1141 miles7,611 ft-7,162 ft5
51pete6541 miles8,646 ft-8,662 ft5
52therealkingking 40 miles6,993 ft-8,478 ft5
53nomadryder104 miles21,347 ft-20,659 ft4
54epirhetorik61 miles12,052 ft-11,864 ft4
55CatherineSquamishBC54 miles7,869 ft-9,407 ft4
56krisrawl0052 miles8,684 ft-8,982 ft4
57flipfantasia 51 miles10,566 ft-11,450 ft4
58daveeade51 miles10,388 ft-11,421 ft4
59mikesterino50 miles8,791 ft-8,953 ft4
60yorkshireborn50 miles9,460 ft-10,560 ft4
61Byrge0246 miles9,602 ft-10,040 ft4
62kiambogo42 miles9,324 ft-9,345 ft4
63bscic 42 miles7,907 ft-8,498 ft4
64irichard 41 miles9,537 ft-10,968 ft4
65brisma40 miles7,256 ft-8,702 ft4
66canadaka 40 miles8,517 ft-9,127 ft4
67Brackendude40 miles5,682 ft-6,328 ft4
68mobrassie39 miles4,638 ft-5,665 ft4
69NSE39 miles9,925 ft-9,852 ft4
70JustinSheehan39 miles40,781 ft-40,766 ft4
71Nikd2538 miles6,453 ft-7,203 ft4
72pegador1137 miles7,640 ft-8,060 ft4
73amears35 miles7,519 ft-7,542 ft4
74mel-arm35 miles6,050 ft-6,153 ft4
75MelanieJansen32 miles5,174 ft-5,231 ft4
76thehuck 30 miles4,207 ft-6,655 ft4
77drew60430 miles6,402 ft-6,381 ft4
78Junker9226 miles5,629 ft-8,077 ft4
79margarita7325 miles5,200 ft-6,331 ft4
80julabrecque 102 miles17,542 ft-17,541 ft3
81andreyapopov59 miles11,122 ft-10,688 ft3
82AbbyE57 miles11,008 ft-11,026 ft3
83skiersteve52 miles10,734 ft-10,730 ft3
84animal-chin50 miles6,935 ft-8,500 ft3
85Themitchine9349 miles10,873 ft-10,874 ft3
86Fishmex48 miles10,067 ft-10,074 ft3
87schnellhound 48 miles11,348 ft-11,193 ft3
88Jadper46 miles9,647 ft-9,261 ft3
89kelsienwamer45 miles6,046 ft-6,045 ft3
90Vron43 miles8,656 ft-9,743 ft3
91marmot7743 miles8,538 ft-9,289 ft3
92jjnorm 43 miles9,462 ft-9,467 ft3
93trailorpark0743 miles11,146 ft-11,113 ft3
94Celeste-Pomerantz41 miles7,107 ft-7,117 ft3
95adamsmythe40 miles6,438 ft-7,165 ft3
96JeremyWentzel39 miles7,424 ft-7,474 ft3
97dmpb38 miles8,683 ft-8,705 ft3
98Gusthebus2937 miles4,614 ft-4,622 ft3
99hanslomo 37 miles8,485 ft-11,674 ft3
100RubyQ2kDAg36 miles5,577 ft-6,670 ft3