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To help auto-populate some of the trails fields, we support KML ExtendedData as SimpleData elements.
                <SchemaData schemaUrl="#TrailHeadTypeId">
                    <SimpleData name="type">crosscountry</SimpleData>
                    <SimpleData name="rating">Black</SimpleData>
                    <SimpleData name="scale:imba">3</SimpleData>
                    <SimpleData name="description">text here</SimpleData>
We also support OSM tags!
        <way timestamp="2014-10-25T13:03:05Z" id="-7" uid="696266" user="trailforks" visible="true" version="1">
            <tag k="name" v="Ladies Only"/>
            <tag k="description" v="rad trail..."/>
            <tag k="highway" v="path"/>
            <tag k="bicycle" v="designated"/>
            <tag k="mtb:type" v="DH"/>
            <tag k="mtb:scale:imba" v="4"/>
Accepted fields:
  • type OR mtb:type (crosscountry, allmountain, downhill)
  • rating (Green, Blue, Black, Double Black)
  • mtb:scale:imba (0-4)
  • description