Loloduro - Montana Enduro Series #2
Race Details:

The Loloduro is taking place entirely on a private ranch (in Lolo, Montana). Our gracious hosts are mountain bikers and trail builders, and everything out there is their personal backyard that they're making available for this race. Because the event is happening on private land, please be extra courteous and respectful of the guildelines provided here.

Camping: is available and free at the venue on Saturday night. Bring a tent or small camper and hang out on Saturday night. We will have a designated area for camping; please no wandering off on your own. Porta-potties will be provided and there is city water available onsite. We will have one central fire; no other fires are permitted. However, feel free to bring your BBQ and camp stoves

Practice: will start at 8AM on Saturday morning. This race is returning to enduro's European roots with everyone racing fresh trails! That being the case, please respect the fact that this is private land and don't try to poach early rides or trespass to get extra practice. No shuttling is permitted for practice - you'll have to earn the miles.
Other info: Lolo Peak Brewing is about 2 blocks away from the race HQ/base are and will be a hopping place to be! They're at 6201 Brewery Way, Lolo, MT 59847. You can check out their beverage and food menu at


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  • Montana Enduro Series 2017: Loloduro

    The builders of this route have requested that its location be kept hidden.

    13.7 miles
    2,650 ft
    -2,657 ft
    4,670 ft
    High Point
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