DIY Landmine 2020
Race Details:

First and foremost, THIS IS NOT A RACE.

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and the last thing we need is for anyone to get hurt or injured. Let’s stay safe and enjoy the true spirit of the Landmine MTB Classic: an opportunity to challenge ourselves.

The DIY Landmine is just a ride - so ride SAFELY. Only attempt a KOM / QOM on a segment IF you can be absolutely sure you can do so safely. DO NOT ENDANGER YOURSELF OR OTHERS. Follow all trail riding rules and etiquette at all times. Failure to do so could lead to disqualification from future Landmine MTB Classics. At the end of the day this is really just a fun excuse to ride our mountain bikes (at socially safe distances) a little bit harder than we normally do. But we’re all going to agree to do so SAFELY, RESPECTFULLY, and ALWAYS IN CONTROL.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Yes, there’s a $10 entry fee. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage this event and ALL proceeds raised will go directly to the Friends if Wompatuck. Your financial support of FOW directly affects trail maintenance and park improvements. We all certainly benefit from that - so we thank you for it.

2. Everyone who registers AND completes one of the four official categories will also receive a 15% OFF Coupon from Bikebarn, good for a one-time purchase before the end of store closing hours on 9/30/2020. A digital copy of your event registration confirmation email along with a screenshot of your Strava activity marking the completion of one of the official categories qualifies you for the discount. You may only redeem the coupon one time.

Thank you to Bikebarn for such a generous offer - and thank you for being an event sponsor for 20 years now

3. Strava Landmine Club. If you wish to qualify for timed Segments, you must join the Landmine MTB Classic Strava club to get official event updates, news and recognition (

4. Strava Cat Rider Club. You must also join the Strava Cat Rider Club that corresponds to the category you intend to ride (Cat 1 & 2, Cat 3, Cat 4 or “D-Day”) if you wish to qualify for official scoring. Each Strava Club will have course descriptions as well as downloadable GPX / TCX files. See “Category / Course Info” below for more info on each Strava Event.

DIY Landmine CAT1 and 2 Strava Riders Club
DIY Landmine CAT 3 Strava Riders Club
DIY Landmine CAT 4 Strava Riders Club
Landmine CAT 5 Strava Riders Club - KIDS ONLY
DIY Landmine D-Day 40M Strava Riders Club

Bonus points awarded for any smack talk started in the Event comments with friends or buddies about who’s riding the courses or not. And remember: friends call out friends who sandbag.

5. Riding with friends and buddies. We have to say it; it’s ok to ride with your friends - but PLEASE do so safely. Try to keep groups to five riders or less. It’s feasible to maintain social distancing in that size of a group. It’s also feasible to maintain social distancing guidelines if you come upon a similarly sized group on the trail. Keep some sort of face covering with you at all times and put it on if maintaining social distancing becomes difficult OR if you stop to interact with another group. Let’s practice “social distancing” and not “social avoidance”.

6. Ride SAFELY. Practice ALL rules and social etiquette while riding. (If you don’t know what MTB trail etiquette is or you need to refresh, read about it here:

DO NOT endanger yourself or others. RESPECT everyone else on the trail - especially non-riders. Groups of cyclists must always yield to groups of hikers or other park patrons. Pursuit of your Strava KOM / QOM does NOT take precedence over the safety and well-being over other’s utilizing the trail. Re-read this rule again.

7. Strava Segments. We absolutely DO NOT care about overall course times. THIS IS NOT A RACE. If you feel the need for some speed, however, please do so ONLY in Strava Segments within each course.

Strava Segments will NOT be marked on courses. You need to use your GPS device or phone for that. Please note that accessing the “Live” Strava Segments feature requires a Strava Premium account to do so.

There will be no podium. There will be no medals. There will be no super cool coffee mug with the Landmine MTB Classic logo to commemorate your glorious triumph over your buddy. There will, however, be the official Landmine newsletter along with Facebook & Instagram posts giving "bragging rights" to each and every Strava segment winner as of 2:00 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

8. Yes - you can go back and re-ride an entire course to try to get a better time on a segment as long as you do it before 9/30/2020. No - you do NOT need to pay a separate entry fee to do so, but you must ride the entire course again to qualify for official listing.

Please Note: There are a LOT of segments and there will be a lot of participants. We will try to work our way through all the data as quickly as we can to create the official "bragging rights" listings. It may take us a day or two to do so. We will NOT have results ready at 2:00pm on September 30th. Please do not ask us at 2:01pm where the results are. We will will post the results as soon as we have tallied them all - and we will make sure you and everyone else knows.

9. Yes. The EVENT RUNS THE ENTURE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER and closes at 3:00 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2020. You must have completed AND uploaded your activity to Strava by NO LATER THAN 2:00 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2020 to qualify for the official annals of DYI Landmine glory. Otherwise, it was just a really good ride.

10. Again, ride SAFELY. Whether you're riding on trails or roadways do so safely! Be absolutely careful while crossing ANY roadways. Yield to all pedestrians.

11. The Courses. Given these stranger times we’re in due to Covid-19, we’re embracing the upside down world we’re now in and running all DIY Landmine courses IN THE REVERSE DIRECTION. Every year we get asked to run the courses backwards - but it’s just logistically impossible with so many folks out on the course. Given how weird 2020 has been so far we thought why not go #FullSend and just embrace it. So everything is now backwards and turned on its head. Seems about the best way to sum up things.

There's three ways to follow the course - Use Trailforks, download the GPX files on Bikereg registration page or print out course maps
DIY Landmine CAT 1/2 - 25 Mile Course Map (PDF)
DIY Landmine CAT 3 - 10 Mile Course Map (PDF)
DIY Landmine CAT 4 - 5.75 Mile Course Map
Note: If you are running the D-Day 40 Mile Course, download all three routes and ride in following order; Cat 4, Cat 3, Cat 1 / 2

Please also note: We've done our best to make sure all courses are as dialed-in a possible - but please realize SOME SMALL MISTAKES MAY EXIST. Actual course distances might be slightly longer or shorter than advertised. Furthermore, trails conditions may change due to weather or fallen trees & debris and you may need to adjust or alter your course slightly. Like a good soldier you'll figure it all out and adapt. And remember; we're not timing the overall courses, just specific segments, so it's all going to be "OK" in the end....

And finally, DO NOT start your route UNTILL YOU GET TO SOUTH FIELD. If you click "Take Me To The Start of the Route" while standing in the parking lot at the Transfer Station it's going to screw you up. Trust us. If you can't get to South Field from the Transfer Station use the 2-mile route that we created then switch to the route for your Cat when you get to the parade stand in South Field.

12. Speaking of Parking. All courses will start & end in South Field. You can NOT drive to the field - but you can park 2 miles away at the Transfer Station (270 Union St Hingham, MA) Here's a link to park at the Transfer Station location and here's a link to an easy Strava route that will get you from the Transfer Station to the start of the courses. Consider your leisurely pedal to South Field as really nice little warm up. And let's face it, none of us really warm adequately anyway, so here's your chance to do it right for once...

13. Food & water. There will also be NO on course water or food, so plan accordingly. Depending on the course you choose, you might end up riding past the main parking area where you can grab extra water and food from your car. OR perhaps you park in one of the many pull-outs in the park that are in close proximity to the course(s) and grab water when you ride by. The point is be a Boy Scout or Girl Scout and BE PREPARED.

14. Getting "off course". If you get a little lost or go off course it's "OK". We're not timing the entire course, just specific Strava Segments. Just get yourself back on course as best you can and hammer the next Segment when you get to it. And if you neeed a second point of reference to find yourself or double check your exact location, try utilizing the awesome on-line Wompatuck map using your smart phone. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Show My Location" and select the course you're riding to track exactly where you are (or aren't) on course. Click here to see the map at


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