2021 Wompatuck Virtual WinterFest
Group Ride Details:

Celebrate Winter Celebrate Bikes! Celebrate Bikes in Winter! Celebrate Nature! Celebrate Friends of Wompatuck! Celebrate NEMBA!

No Snow, No Problem! Wompatuck WinterFest carries on no matter what the weather! But now a VIRTUAL month long event with self-guided routes

CHANGES for 2021 - With the pandemic still apart of our everyday lives, we are unable to have our usual one-day party with hundreds of our friends. But sharing others this wonderful park and what it brings to so many people should not be ignored. WinterFest is now a virtual month long event through February.

Pending the weather and trail conditions, we will have Snow Groomed Loop (7 miles) or a non-snow Intermediate Loop (11 miles) starting at the Visitors Center (196 Union St Hingham, MA 02043)
Optional 15 mile Non-Snow Advanced Loop available if your looking for a technical challenge starting at the Transfer Station (270 Union St Hingham, MA 02043)

Key Things to Note About Wompatuck Virtual WinterFest:

1) This will be 100% Self-Guided! No arrows no signs. Highly suggest downloading the route on your phone, to your GPS or printing out the PDF maps. Riding with someone that knows the park will be very helpful. Always can view the park map and your location from your phone on the Friends of Wompatuck online map

Download and Print Routes PDF - Each route
Snow Groomed Route Map PDF
Intermediate Route Map PDF
Advanced Route Map PDF
Hike Route PDF

Strava Route - Save route or download GPX file
Snow Groomed Route Strava Map GPX
Intermediate Route Strava Map GPX
Advanced Route Strava Map GPX
Snow Route Advanced 14.5 mile GPX

2) Riding with friends and buddies. We have to say it; it’s ok to ride with your friends - but PLEASE do so safely. Try to keep groups to five riders or less. It’s feasible to maintain social distancing in that size of a group. It’s also feasible to maintain social distancing guidelines if you come upon a similarly sized group on the trail. Keep some sort of face covering with you at all times and put it on if maintaining social distancing becomes difficult OR if you stop to interact with another group. Let’s practice “social distancing” and not “social avoidance”.

3) Pre and Post Riding Gatherings - Make this very clear, we do not want any large gatherings in parking lots getting ready or post ride. NO ALCOHOL!!! DCR will be patrolling lots to ensure people are acting like adults and not illegally consuming beer on state property. Please do not be the person that ruins it for everyone.

4) This is not a race! Ride SAFELY. Practice ALL rules and social etiquette while riding. DO NOT endanger yourself or others. RESPECT everyone else on the trail - especially non-riders. Groups of cyclists must always yield to groups of hikers or other park patrons. Wompatuck has become a VERY popular place for all users, respect them.

5) Parking and Starting Points - There's two different starting points, please know what route you want to ride before parking.
Intermediate 11 mile Route, Snow 6 Mile Route and 2 Mile Hike - Park at the Visitors Center 196 Union St Hingham, MA 02043
Advanced 15 mile non-snow or snow Route - Park at the Transfer Station 270 Union St Hingham, MA 02043

6) WHAT ABOUT SNOW!!?? - Yes we want snow but its New England so anything can happen. If it does snow (6 inches or more), please check with Friends of Wompatuck or SE NEMBA Facebook pages for updates on trail conditions. Snow Groomed Route will be best bet to ride when there's snow. The Intermediate and Advanced Routes are designed for dry non-snow rides, YMMV if these routes are snow packed by other users. If there's enough snow, there will be a 15 mile Advanced Snow route starting at Transfer Station.


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