Downcountry Enduro
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The Downcountry Enduro will be held on October 9th at the Cassidy Trailhead on the DTE Energy Foundation Trail in Chelsea, Michigan. The race will utilize an enduro format with stages selected for their technical difficulty and primarily downhill orientation. There will be two rider categories of sport & expert, with a winner for male & female in each category. Sport class riders will compete in 4 stages located on Big Kame and Winn Loop. Expert class riders will compete in 6 stages on Big Kame, Winn Loop & Sugar Loop. Riders in the expert category will also have the opportunity to compete for the title King & Queen of the Kame by accumulating points for riding trail features and obstacles located outside of the timed race stages, to include an obstacle course in the trailhead parking area. Race personnel will be stationed at features to score riders and features will be given a point value based on difficulty. Obstacles are designed to test trail skills and showcase who is the best all around rider rather than just the fastest. Each point acquired will take 1% off your total race time. The riders with the lowest overall time will be crowned King & Queen of the Kame & receive $250 in prize money as well as eternal glory. FYI, Kame as defined by websters is a short ridge, hill, or mound of stratified drift deposited by glacial meltwater. Not so exciting but it's what we got.


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marlowd (Jun 29, 2021 at 3:31)
Can anyone answer whether the yellow section is the timed part and red section is untimed transfer?
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ajreed PotoMBA (Jun 29, 2021 at 7:05)
Red is timed, yellow is transfer. The elevation profile is messed up, but the map is correct. Only descents will be timed.
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